MTO lifts reduced load restrictions

by Today's Trucking


TORONTO, Ont. – The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has temporarily lifted reduced load period restrictions for truck drivers in Southern Ontario.

It is aimed at supporting Ontario’s need to move essential freight and supplies during the current Covid-19 emergency, the ministry said late Friday.

“Lifting reduced load period restrictions will help the trucking industry to efficiently move the essential goods that Ontarians need.”

– Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

“Lifting reduced load period restrictions will help the trucking industry to efficiently move the essential goods that Ontarians need, including food and agricultural products, medical supplies and fuel,” it said.

The exempted categories are:

  • Medical supplies and equipment related to the testing, diagnosis and treatment of Covid-19;
  • Supplies and equipment necessary for community safety, sanitation, and prevention of community transmission of Covid-19 such as masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, soap and disinfectants;
  • Paper products and other groceries for emergency restocking of distribution centers or stores;
  • Immediate precursor raw materials-such as paper, plastic or alcohol-that are required and to be used for the manufacture of items in the above categories;
  • Fuel;
  • Equipment, supplies and persons necessary to establish and manage temporary housing, quarantine, and isolation facilities related to Covid-19;

To assist farmers and agribusinesses, the MTO also plans to temporarily exempt the following commodities:

  • Food;
  • Farm products; and
  • Products that support the production of farm products (e.g. seed, animal feed, fertilizer).

The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada quickly welcomed the announcement.

“These exemptions will help alleviate burden at these difficult times.”

– Mike Millian, president, PMTC.

“The PMTC has been seeking this exemption on behalf of our members, and have been working with the MTO to get these exemptions in place to help out those suffering from increased costs and reduced revenues,” said president Mike Millian.

“These exemptions will help alleviate burden at these difficult times, yet also strike a balance in ensuring limited to no damage will be done to the road network.”

The ministry said the government will continue to work with municipalities, the trucking industry, agricultural sector and retailers to ensure the people of Ontario have access to the supplies they need.

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  • If you are talking about half load season not being enforced then this is absolutely nothing.
    What truck load of medical supplies hauls on a half load road. ?
    And what half load road is being enforced ?

    Political BS

  • The Ontario gov’t has to seriously re-think spring thaw restrictions. For the last few years the frost has been out of the ground long before frost season is done, sometimes before it started.
    To blanket restrict just so the municipalities don’t have to go out and post signs is ridiculous. To think a farmer can be planting a crop, but the fertilizer truck cannot legally deliver to him is insane.
    Thanks to Mike Millian for pushing this.

  • wonderful life is hard enough for people right now
    Mr Ford you are a Bull Dog when it comes to getting things done
    thats why I worked to get you voted in
    Run for sheers job