Mulroney named Ontario’s third transportation minister in a year

Caroline Mulroney, Ontario Transportation Minister

TORONTO, Ont. – Caroline Mulroney – a lawyer and one-time contender for the leadership of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative party – has been named minister of transportation in a cabinet shuffle by Premier Doug Ford.

She will hold a dual role as minister of francophone affairs.

This makes her the third person to oversee the transportation portfolio in just a year.

Mulroney replaces Jeff Yurek, who takes on the role as minister of the environment. Departing Environment Minister Rod Phillips, who had played a central role in the province’s fight against the federal carbon tax, is promoted to the role of finance minister.

Prior to the shuffle, Mulroney was attorney general of Ontario. She is also the daughter of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

The first transportation minister under the Ford government was John Yakabuski.

Kinga Surma is named an associate minister of transportation for the Greater Toronto Area.

  • An earlier version of this article has been updated to reflect Premier Doug Ford’s name. The late Rob Ford was the former mayor of Toronto. Truck News regrets the error.

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  • This reminds me of Mike Harris appointing Al Paladini, because he sold cars! And a drop out as education minister! Makes no sense at all.

  • She didn’t do well as Attorney- General even though she has a Law Degree. How is she going to do in this Ministry without any knowledge of the Industry?

  • I wonder if she will be accepting liability for past and future improprieties regaurding the roles she plays

  • She is not listening to the concerns of small trucking companies and truck drivers. I sent information to the other two transport ministers about problems with some members of the OTA and treatment of drivers. Nothing happened. Both offices said they needed more time to study and get back to me.

  • The MTO is so unresponsive. Medical suspension…file the paperwork they ask for and you can wait for years. You can’t even talk to the person handling your file. She needs to overhaul this antiquated department. How can they hold your life in your hands and not speak with you during the process.

  • Her department is blocking ofsc trails that are on mto property, I would have thought mto property belonged to tax payers, and I guess her department has no concept of the amount of money generated by the snowmobile industry.

  • I have been trying to get my license back for 3 weeks. I’ve paid my fines, I’ve paid my “reinstatement” fee, now they are giving me a run around and want more money for a letter stating why it was canceled. You see I need a letter from Ontario DMV to Nova Scotia DMV starting why it was canceled and that I need to be retested to get my license back. Now I have to write this other department and pay more money for a letter, which I have done other then the money which they didn’t give me an option for. Is this the real process I have to go through or am I just getting a run around? The reinstatement fee should have reinstated my license or at least to the point of just being aloud to be retested!!!

  • Hi there, this is serious matter please do look into I’m trucker and so is are female in these days. All work place not letting trucker use washroom after driving. Tim’s are closed so others same as well. Please tell me how can we hold #2 and if they put Portable Toilets which is more dangerous bec no company clean them for weeks. Please do something on this people are going to get sick and have many problems. Alot people cant hold and female monthly and people with IBS. They should have more cleaning in washroom. But not stopping. This problem can make trucker not to go to work then county can run into another problem.

  • Good morning Ms.Mulroney, when are you going shut down drivetest center. Everyday they canceling road test some test center. Peoples are confused which center to go. Sometime people go to center they test are cancel now. Wasting peoples time. Please do something. Thanks

  • I’m closing in on 52 years old and been trucking since I got my A Lic back in 1986 . Proud to say accident free over the years also. . It goes without saying it’s my bread and butter.
    Mid April past I went for a ambulance ride to Ottawa General Hospital, Emergency Dr THINKS I had a seizure of some kind . Naturally he notified the ministry and had my license suspended. Now I can’t reach anyone by phone or email at the ministry to get any answers or updates When ,
    How or What I need to do in order to get back to work. At the very least with a G I could do lots of things in my rural area . However I’m grounded.
    Is there a way to contact anyone with answers.?

  • Dear Minister Caroline Mulroney : I have been in touch with MTO in Sudbury Ont. for a couple of years now regarding a disgusting mess that is adjacent to one of the prize parks in Assiginack Township. The “High Falls Park ” is being maintained maticuliosly on the North side of the stream , however the South side is on MTO property. ” A DISGUSTING MESS ” and your people in Sudbury will do nothing about it. This is a tourist attraction ! Your supervisor in Sudbury has been contacted several times regarding this mess and he has stated that this is not a priority ??? Assiginack has done a very good job of maintaining our attractions adjacent highway #6. I would therefore request that MTO further investigate this situation and bring HIGH FALLS PARK back to the attraction that it once was !!

  • Hi Caroline I am driving truck for 7 years ,I have some issues with rules giving commercial licence to every one I mean to tourist or students ,this profusion was good before but not I request pls make some changes to make our roads safe .

  • I drive heavy equipment. I have a concern about the amber lights that flash to warn of traffic lights turning red up ahead on major highways. These lights come on at the exact same time as the traffic lights are changing. When a large vehicle is traveling at 80-90kph there is barely enough time to safely stop. Just this morning at the corner of ON 17E and 94 in Corbiel the lights began to change just as I was passing the warning lights. I had to push on the brakes so hard that there was smoke coming from the wheels when I got stopped. This I find unacceptable and dangerous. I know that in Alberta and I believe Saskatchewan the warning lights come on 3-5 seconds before the traffic lights begin to change. Making it easier to stop safely. I’m asking that you please look into this to make our highways safer. I’m sure it just a matter of reprogramming the lights. Thanks

  • While the premiere is closing small business in hopes of isolating the virus, why are airports allowing people to travel to different parts of the world spreading & getting the virus then bringing it back into our country???

  • I don’t know who I should be talking to, but, I have a question.
    Why aren’t our roads/highways being patrolled properly by the OPP?
    I’m a truck driver, and the kind of driving I see on our highways is crazy. I’d think if the OPP were actually patrolling, as a posed to sitting under a bridge, or the Ontario Information Centre at the foot of the Garden City Skyway. Maybe people would adhere to the rules of the road, and drive like mad people.
    It’s frustrating to see this go on, and never see police patrolling the roads.

  • Travelling along major highways , more specifically Hwy 10, 109 and the 401. I have suffered 2 replacement windshields in the last 18 months , and a total of 4 in the last 4-5 years.
    Trucks conveying aggregate should be completely covered to stop spreading stones during transportation. The awning used by the vast majority does very little to prevent this occurrence. Excessive speeding over the limit especially on Hwy 10 doesn’t help and the rules as on European roads limiting trucks to remain in an inside lane with exceptions on overtaking slower vehicles or emergency traffic conditions should be instituted ASAP. Hwy 407 should have a specific truck lane with a reduced rate for trucks is also something that should be introduced. !