New Commissioner to Enforce Vancouver Port Trucking Rules

VANCOUVER, B.C.— British Columbia’s Transportation Minister Todd Stone introduced new legislation to create an independent commissioner to enforce the new rules for port container truckers at Port Metro Vancouver.

The commissioner’s primary responsibility will be to ensure compliance with the new rates negotiated with truckers back in March.

Container truckers were promised a 12-percent increase in the per-container rates as part of the settlement to the 28-day strike by more than 1,500 drivers earlier this year. The rate regulation will apply to all marine container trucking companies serving Port Metro Vancouver.

The commissioner will be able to:

  • Grant and cancel port licenses, which allow trucker to do business at the port;
  • Impose security or annual fees;
  • Establish minimum rates paid to truckers on a per-trip, per-hour or other basis;
  • Establish a minimum fuel surcharge;
  • Receive complaints of non-compliance by a licence holder;
  • Audit or investigate even if there are no complaints;
  • Give out fines, suspend or cancel licenses;

The commissioner’s decisions can be appealed and the commissioner can re-consider the decision so long as the commissioner gets 30 days’ notice.

To view the entire legislation, click here.

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