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New fleet maintenance software released

WARRENVILLE, Ill. -- Modern Business Computing, Inc. (MBC) has partnered with International Truck and Engine Corpor...

WARRENVILLE, Ill. — Modern Business Computing, Inc. (MBC) has partnered with International Truck and Engine Corporation to develop Diamond Connection Solutions, a fleet maintenance software and parts replenishment system designed to help International dealer locations work with companies managing vehicle fleets, organize their inventories, and streamline effective parts ordering.

Diamond Connection Solutions will be used by companies throughout the US and Canada to organize their parts inventories and to help maintain their fleets.

The software package was designed around assisting fleet managers, to reduce their maintenance costs and better estimate their maintenance needs through the use of a simple software package.

The most beneficial function of the software is the ability to track quantities, costs and reorder points of truck parts in inventory based upon previous usage patterns and ordering information.

Using this information, the system works in conjunction with International dealers to provide a just-in-time automatic reordering scheme for parts, in order to keep inventory levels at desired levels.

Work order information — which includes parts usage and services performed — is also a very constructive portion of the software in that it enables the fleet manager to track all of his mechanics’ work and keep a complete history of work performed and parts used on each vehicle.

Diamond Connection Solutions also features components for preventative maintenance schedules, core tracking, warranty monitoring, vehicle information, reminders and user security. Additionally, the package includes full reporting capabilities to provide the customer with detailed and specific data about his fleet including information such as total cost summaries and parts usage histories, for example. Optional modules can be purchased to handle purchase order management, fuel usage, vehicle logs, tire usage, vehicle licensing, reported problems, vehicle parts reference and employee information.

International Dealers and MBC expect to distribute this software to as many as 3000 customer locations in the next 3 years. Senior Software Developer Kevin Jessen said, "Diamond Connection Solutions will change the way fleet managers operate by giving them the tools to properly manage their parts inventories and proactively maintain their vehicles. This will decrease truck downtime and increase uptime by limiting breakdowns with proper preventative maintenance scheduling. This can save a company thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year."

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