New Report Shows Youth’s Attitude Towards Trucking

OTTAWA — New research shows that young people between 19 and 25 have a positive view of the trucking industry and offers insight in to potential ways to entice them to enter the industry.

Through extensive focus groups, site visits, online surveys, and interviews with high school students and educators, Trucking HR Canada has created a report listing some recommendations for the future.

“The researchers behind [the report] found that Canada’s youth have a relatively positive view of the trucking industry, and are attracted by many of the benefits offered by industry careers,” says Tamara Miller, director of Trucking HR Canada. “This data can be used to refine messages which target youth. A related analysis of school-to-work programs can also be used to guide initiatives that will build bridges between the school system and careers in trucking.”

By far, creating entry-level career paths is the most important thing to get new workers in the door.

“Appropriate jobs for youth aged 19 to 25 must be made available,” researchers say. “Introduce them to driving occupations, and start to build their relevant skills as early as possible.”

The findings also stress new education partnerships with the industry, as well as marketing materials that are tailored specifically to the youth. Creating new curriculum with in-school driving-related courses is also mentioned.

However, there are some hurdles that need to be over come.

Young people are concerned about potentially spending a long time away from home, long hours, perceived working conditions and safety standards in the industry, but they like the idea of travel, independence, challenging work, and steady employment.

Compared to previous generations, today’s youth is less passionate about cars and driving.

Educators surveyed are concerned about pay and compensation packages in the industry and say it needs to be competitive or better than that in other fields.

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