No blowing smoke in Sunshine State

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Another U.S. state has ruled to impose idling restrictions on heavy trucks.

The Florida Environmental Regulation Commission approved a rule banning commercial trucks from idling for more than five consecutive minutes.

The rule goes into effect on Dec. 15. One exemption is idling while the driver is sleeping or resting in a sleeper berth. However, this provision, expires at midnight September 30, 2013.

Other exemptions include:

Idling while stopped for traffic conditions over which the driver has no control; If idling is necessary to verify that the vehicle is in safe operating condition as required by law; if idling is necessary to accomplish work for which the vehicle was designed, other than transporting goods, for example: operating a lift, crane, pump, drill, hoist, mixer, or other auxiliary equipment other than a heater or air conditioner.


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