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North American freight group settles in for Canadian perspective

OTTAWA, Ont. -- The National Motor Freight Traffic Association assembled for a Canadian visit in B.C., with a few p...

OTTAWA, Ont. — The National Motor Freight Traffic Association assembled for a Canadian visit in B.C., with a few positive words from the head of the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

David Bradley, CTA chief executive, addressed the first annual meeting of the Washington, D.C.-based association held in Canada.

In addition to describing the current issues and state of the Canadian trucking industry, Bradley told the audience that as fuel, driver and equipment costs continue to increase, and therefore drive up the cost of transportation, it is to be expected that shippers will feel pressured to test the market and shop for lower freight rates.
However, he cautioned “there is no fundamental reason for rates to be discounted or for the softness in rates experienced in some markets over the last year to be permanent.”

“There are some wild cards in the economic outlook, notably oil prices and the value of the Canadian dollar, but the Canadian economy has been showing a high degree of resiliency and while growth may be more modest in some regions and sector, things are for the most part steady,” he said.

Bradley continued by assuring the crowd that the trucking industry would continue to dominate the freight market, through its exceptional service. He also noted that carrier operating costs will continue to escalate and must be paid for, as the worsening driver shortage will absorb all excess capacity.

“The challenge,” Bradley added. “As it always is in our business is to maintain price discipline.”

The association is responsible for publishing the National Motor Freight Classification directory and sets forth rules pertaining to procedures for filing claims, packaging provisions, handling and service requirements, standard formats of bills of lading, and the application of commodity descriptions.

The NMFTA’s National Classification Committee, comprising 100 elected members from across North America is responsible for determining the context, provisions and classes of the freight classification.

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