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Oakville truck driver robbed on the job

OAKVILLE, Ont. — A professional Oakville truck driver was robbed on the job last night.

According to police reports, on Tuesday, January 10, at 5:30 p.m., the truck driver had just started his shift and was preparing to haul automotive products to the Ford plant located at 1 Canadian Rd., Oakville. He saw an older Kia Sedona minivan approach him. One suspect exited the van and demanded the driver to go in the trailer, threatening him with a firearm, which was not seen.  The driver complied and the truck was driven out of the parking lot by the suspect.

The truck and trailer traveled northbound on Winston Churchill Blvd with the driver locked in the trailer. The driver found a slight gap between in the trailer doors and tried to get attention by sliding his hand through the gap and waving it around, hoping someone would call 911.

Unfortunately the truck was being followed by the same Kia minivan, with the driver communicating with the truck driver to stop.  One of the suspects ran to the trailer door and ensured its complete closure, then the truck was driven in unknown areas for about an hour.  The truck then parked at 2560 South Sheridan Way in Mississauga, where the driver was ordered out of the trailer and into another trailer.  The driver was ordered to lay on his stomach where his hands and legs were secured and that trailer door closed.

Police reports say the suspects were overheard saying that the load contained within the first trailer was of no use to them and fled the scene, leaving the original truck/trailer and the victim inside the second trailer.

The driver was inside the second trailer for close to 90 minutes before he freed himself.  At that time he began yelling and striking the doors until someone heard his calls for help, released him and called the police.

The suspects are said to be three black males. One was clean shaven. They all wore bandannas to hide their identities. All were average height and build. The vehicle was described as a 2005 red Kia Sedona.


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  1. robert allard says:

    Bring more refugees or migrants to Canada and you will see more of that happening.

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