Off-road equipment imports surge

by Truck News

Canada’s international trade balance.

OTTAWA, Ont. – Buyers scrambled to import logging, mining, and construction equipment in December, in a push to beat 2018 emissions regulations for off-road diesel engines and machines, Statistics Canada reports.

The imports of such machinery jumped 24.6% on the month to a record $897 million. It was the third consecutive monthly increase in the category.

Canada’s overall imports rose 1.5% to a record $49.7 billion in December, with energy products, industrial machinery, equipment and parts on the rise – although transportation equipment and parts imports dipped, according to the latest data.

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  • Is it any surprise? Doesn’t take a genius to see these emission control systems on these new engines is a giant failure. Sure they clean some PM matter out of the exhaust, but look at all the other environmental (and bank account) damage they are doing. Now it was made public they are finding they may be even more cancer causing.
    Even small compact equipment. It’s not working on those either.
    Pretty sad when i see people that have a small compact tractor for mowing their yard, or snow blowing their driveway and they have to do a 20 minute regen in order to do 15 minutes of work. Yep, bet that extra 20 minutes of burning fuel at high RPM really saved the world.

    I guess some people fall for all the marketing BS, but not this guy.