OTA raises concerns over city’s proposal for reduced lane widths

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TORONTO, Ont. – The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) voiced their concerns today after City of Toronto officials made public statements proposing reducing the width of road lanes.

According to city officials, wide lanes promote vehicles to go faster, so by reducing the width they believe speeding can be minimized. As well, narrow lanes create more infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians.

“OTA understands modern policy dynamics of better utilizing road infrastructure for cyclists, but the association is cautioning the city on potential policies that will increase the risks of heavy vehicle collisions with cyclists and other road user,” the OTA said in a release.

Based on the size of the road, through-lanes may be reduced by 3 or 3.2 metres, while the width of a commercial truck is 2.6 metres, excluding the extended mirrors.

“OTA is very concerned that, by reducing lane widths, the margin of error between all road users is decreased, increasing risk of contact and collisions,” the release went on to say.

The OTA has requested to meet with the City of Toronto to discuss this issue further.

For more information, contact jonthan.blackham@ontruck.org.

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  • Another hair brained scheme on the table from people who have no grip on reality. May as well invest in a body shop, as even with current lane widths far too many motorists can barely maintain lane control…. So let’s narrow the lane a little more and rub mirrors and doorhandles every day …should make for even more traffic as all the rubber neckers get to slow down and look at all the increased minor collisions every rush hour. Wait till the snow windrows build a little in the curb lane and TTC buses have to straddle two lanes More traffic chaos!…. Didn’t anyone take notice of how this idea has already been tried in plazas around the GTA. ? Anyone driving a vehicle larger than a sub compact can’t find a parking spot , and when you do, one small issue… You can’t open your doors to get out! Brilliant plan…. Someone best put a halt to this quick.

  • Back in the 90’s an editor at one of Toronto’s big news papers suggested that trucks needing extra room to get around corners and that didn’t “fit the street” should not be allowed into the city.
    I wrote him back and said I thought it was a great idea,, then I wouldn’t have to haul newsprint down to his location for him to write his drivel on,, he never answered me.
    Idiots gotta love em !!

  • The City of Toronto has been slowly working toward an all out ban on all but a few motor vehicle in the downtown core for years. Here is a simple solution:
    Step One: Make it illegal for any motor vehicle that is not a high end Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Rolls Royce to be seen anywhere near the downtown area.
    Step Two: Turn the entire downtown core into a pedestrian walking mall with nothing but sidewalks and bike lanes that sells very expensive articles and food that only the privileged could appreciate or afford.
    Step Three: Hire all the cyclists to move all freight in the downtown area. It might take a while but they are so much better than everyone else I am sure they could accomplish this just on ego alone.
    Result: The downtown area becomes exactly how it is supposed to be, with no riff-raff interfering with those of legitimate privilege.