OTDC: Take a lap of the championship course with stunning 360-degree video

LONDON, Ont. — Want to take a lap of the Ontario Truck Driving Championships course with an all-time great competitor?

Trucknews.com is pleased to present an incredible 360-degree video, shot from inside and outside the cab while one of Ontario’s best ever competitors, Jeffrey MacLean, provides commentary from behind the wheel.


Who is Jeffrey MacLean?
If there was a Hall of Fame for Ontario truck driving champions, MacLean would be among its first inductees. He competed for 34 years before turning his attention to volunteering with course setup.

Jeffrey MacLean
Jeffrey MacLean

During that time, he won every class within the competition. His record boasts 14 first-place wins in Ontario as well as seven national titles. He was named Grand Champion in the Ontario provincials twice and in the national competition once.

MacLean drove for SLH – and before that, Sears – for 40 years and now still drives occasionally while semi-retired. Today, he is responsible for helping design the OTDC course.

MacLean will be your driver on today’s trip around the course.

Don’t be shy, hop right in.


The video
For best results, view this 360-degree video using the Kolor Eyes App, available for free on Android and iOS devices. You can download it here.

Then, open the video URL from your mobile device and follow the instructions. The movie will begin to play and you can use your finger (swipe) to change your view while it plays.

For an even more interactive experience, tap the screen and select the phone rotation icon at the bottom centre section of your screen. This will engage the device’s gyroscopes. You can then pivot on the spot and the video will switch the perspective to match.

Want to look to the right? Move your device to the right. Look to the left? Move your device to the left. Up, down – you get the point.

If you don’t have a mobile device, you can get the same effect on your desktop computer by changing your view using your computer’s touchpad or mouse.

You can watch the video hundreds of times and enjoy a different perspective every time as you change your view. For a better viewing experience, click the icon in the bottom right-hand corner to enable full-screen view.


How’d we do it?
Videographer Austin Hitchcock shot the video using a 360-degree video camera mounted on the cab and on the hood. Both angles were then brought together post-production, creating the final product.

360 austin

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