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Participants watch the pounds melt off in first two weeks of 10 Pound Challenge

LONDON, Ont. — The Healthy Fleet 10 Pound Challenge is off to a roaring start, with more than 177 pounds lost after the first 2 weeks of the challenge, Healthy Trucker announced this week.

The 10 Pound Challenge is an opportunity for employees, owner-operators, and drivers at fleets and allied trades to work together to lose weight during the first eight weeks of 2017. Teams are ranked each week based on the average number of pounds lost per person.

So far there have been over 150 participants and 35 teams to join the challenge, and the number is still rising daily.

“After just two weeks of the challenge, we are blown away by the commitment of our participants, and we are thrilled for their success,” said Andrea Morley, nutritionist and health coach at Healthy Trucker. “Nothing is more rewarding than knowing lives are already being changed as these pounds come off.”

Erb Group is currently the largest team, with 46 participants. Carolyn VokesReibling, senior HR assistant, is leading the initiative at the company.

VokesReibling said, “Erb Transport’s team of employees are excited to be a part of the 2017 Healthy Fleet 10 Pound Challenge. This challenge compliments our Highway to Health program as we all work together towards our health goals and leading a healthier lifestyle.”

Participants submitted Health Trackers last week for a chance to win a $50 VISA gift card. Andrea went through each tracker to provide users with feedback. Here are some notes and tips from her based on the week 1 trackers:

* Many participants did a great job cutting out treats and unhealthy foods, a tricky thing to do after the holidays. Sugary treats in particular spike the blood sugar, leading to energy crashes and cravings for more sugar, and over time can lead to insulin resistance causing diabetes.

* After a week of cleaning up eating habits, it’s time for more participants to incorporate exercise into their routine to maximize results and improve overall health. High intensity interval training that incorporates both cardio and strength exercises will be the most effective at aiding in sustainable weight loss.

* Vegetables didn’t make a big appearance on many tracking sheets. Adding in more veggies is crucial for long term, overall health as well as weight loss. Vegetables are full of fibre and help to keep us full, especially when eating slightly less than usual. Many people don’t naturally have a fondness for veggies, so it’s important to focus on the kinds that you like and allow yourself to become accustomed to them over time.

Want to get in on the challenge? There’s still time if you act quickly! To enter your fleet, send an email to To enter as a participant, go to and select “Sign Up.”

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