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Pay fines or else, city warns

SUDBURY, Ont. -- The city is giving motorists and people with other outstanding provincial fines one last chance to...

SUDBURY, Ont. — The city is giving motorists and people with other outstanding provincial fines one last chance to pay up or face the consequences.

“We’re giving people one last chance to pay their outstanding fines,” says Doug Wuksinic, the general manager of corporate services for the City of Greater Sudbury. “We’re sure in many cases, tickets have simply been put away and forgotten.”

Last year, the province transferred to municipalities the responsibility for collecting and administering fines under the Provincial Offences Act (POA).

The City of Greater Sudbury can collect more than $6 million in unpaid POA fines. These include fines for non-criminal charges such as speeding or careless driving, driving without insurance, trespassing and hunting or fishing violations.

“Potential revenues are significant. Our collection officers have recovered more than $100,000 to date in defaulted fines and they’re just getting started,” affirms Wuksinic.

The City hired two collection officers last October on a seven-month trial basis, to trace unpaid provincial fines dating back as far as 1978. They issue past-due notices in the mail, and the City is getting tough on offenders who don’t send in their fine payments after receiving a notice. They could have their driver’s licence suspended, their wages garnisheed, or have a lien issued against their property.

Wuksinic points out it’s more beneficial to pay the fine than have your driver’s licence suspended because the province charges a $100 reinstatement fee and it could take up to a week to get your licence back.

Outstanding fines can be paid at the Provincial Offences Office at 178 Elm Street. For more information, call 705 673-0404, ext. 231 or ext. 233.

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