Port Metro Vancouver enacting new truck licensing system

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VANCOUVER, B.C. — Port Metro Vancouver is planning a new truck licensing system it says will provide a better balance of trucks and the containers that are available for them to move.

The new truck license policy was developed with stakeholders, including mediator Vince Ready and federal transport minister Lisa Raitt. The changes, according to the port, will also provide drivers with a fair wage and the “opportunity to make a decent living.”

Among the requirements will be new truck age limits that should help improve air emissions at the port. Also new will be an expanded provincial audit and oversight framework, improved tracking and measurement of port efficiency and trucking company sponsorship of owner/operators, the port announced. There will also be higher participation charges, which the port says will help fund the new system on a cost recovery basis.

The number of trucking companies serving the port will be reduced from current levels of more than 150, hopefully eliminating rate-cutting. Truck drivers who cannot obtain a port licence will be eligible to take part in a support program to help them transition out of container trucking.

Specific details have already been communicated to stakeholders, Port Metro Vancouver claims. The new system is expected to take effect Feb. 1, 2015.

“It is expected these changes and others implemented as a result of the Joint Action Plan between the federal and provincial government and trucker representatives will not only bring stability to the port, but will also provide a level of container truck management that is unprecedented at other ports around the world,” said Peter Xotta, vice-president, operations and planning for Port Metro Vancouver.

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