Querel Trailers sales win manufacturer’s prize

TRAILER STARS: From left, Richard Wiebe, Bruce Querel, Kevin Sassman and Ken Pool. 














Querel Trailers sales win manufacturer’s prize

WINNIPEG, MB – When the Etnyre Trailer company started producing road-building trailers and equipment, there were darn few roads and no trucks.

In fact, Etnyre began building horse-drawn trailers in 1898. That was in Oregon, Ill.

Since then, the company has grown to be a renowned manufacturer of a broad range of lowboys and maintenance trailers; and every year, the world company cites 10 of its dealers across North America as outstanding performers.

Recently, Querel Trailers of WInnipeg, which has been selling a broad range of speciality trailers since 1981, was named one of Etnyre’s Top 10 Dealers Of The Year.  It’s the second time Querel has been honored by Etnyre.

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