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Redback intros composite strapping

BELLEVUE, Wash. Answering the call for a viable method of securing loads during transportation, Redback Industrie...

BELLEVUE, Wash. Answering the call for a viable method of securing loads during transportation, Redback Industries has introduced BIRTIUM Composite Strapping.

BIRTIUM draws on co-extrusion technologies to combine strength, impact resistance and joint efficiency into a single user-friendly product. The result is an affordable strapping solution that safeguards employees against serious injuries and protects goods from costly product damage.

With a unique combination of elongation and memory, BIRTIUM maintains tension over time and can absorb impacts and load shifting that would normally break steel banding or damage valuable product. BIRTIUM is light, flexible and contains no sharp edges, so it is easy to handle and dispose. Fastening is accomplished utilizing a simple, economical tool and a high joint efficiency buckle.

"Safety, product damage and environmental costs associated with discarded rusting steel have made customers recognize the financial impact of outdated banding materials," said Patrick McGrath, manager of Redback. "BIRTIUM provides safety, ease of use and superior shock absorption qualities to preserve the integrity of goods during transportation. Because it is softer than steel, BIRTIUM also extends the life of hand tools, significantly reducing repair costs."

BIRTIUM is ideal for securing goods for export in containers and on flat-racks, as well as for banding lumber, machinery, pipes, scaffolding and many other heavy or irregular shaped objects. For more information, contact Redback Industries at (425) 455-9200 or visit

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