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Rentar Fuel Catalyst available in Canada

KELOWNA, B.C. -- A Canadian company says it has the solution to bringing diesel fuel emissions into check and is ca...

KELOWNA, B.C. — A Canadian company says it has the solution to bringing diesel fuel emissions into check and is calling on the government to help promote its product.

Intelligent Vehicle Systems (IVS) has acquired the Canadian rights to the Rentar Fuel Catalyst, a product the company claims can reduce fuel consumption by up to 38 per cent while reducing emissions by 50 per cent.

Test results recently received from a stringent California Air Resource Board-approved lab indicate a 19 per cent reduction in NOx and 20 per cent decrease in particulate matter were experienced on a Cummins 855 diesel engine.

Now, IVS says it’s up to industry and the government to push this product on Canadian fleets to help bring emissions in line with what is expected from the Kyoto Accord.

“Some provinces, such as Alberta, have shunned the Kyoto Accord saying they’ll come up with their own solutions to reduce both emissions and consumption,” says IVW president, Eldon Heppner. “This is a golden opportunity to show how. Not only would implement these types of products make a difference environmentally, the cost reductions also represent a savings to not only businesses but also taxpayers.”

So far, a number of Canadian fleets have tried out the new Rentar Catalyst. Greyhound Canada runs the device on some of its buses and B.C. Ferries is considering using the new technology. It’s also gaining popularity in the mining industry, the company says.

South of the border, the North Carolina Department of Transport is considering equipping its entire fleet of road maintenance trucks and equipment with the catalyst. For more information, call 866-763-1465.

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