Safety at forefront of Manitoba seminar

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba Trucking Association recently teamed up with the Motor Carrier Division of Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation to help promote safety for the province’s truckers.

The session was presented by Reg Wightman, CVSA Program Development Coordinator of the Motor Carrier Division in Manitoba, and was designed to inform carriers and industry associates of the process involved in a CVSA inspection.

The seminar also talked about what drivers should do during an inspection, and to let industry members see the organizational structure of the Motor Carrier Division of Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation.

“It is very important to the Manitoba Trucking Association that we promote a safe and healthy business environment. By liaising with government on seminars and presentations to keep our members and industry informed, we can ensure that we are working together, not against each other, to promote safety for everyone,” said Susan Snyder, president of the MTA.

Topics presented during the session included the main issues that CVSA inspectors look for (such as log books, paperwork, cargo securement, safety ratings, and the impact of an inspection on carrier and driver profiles), what drivers need to do when the “Report” light comes on at the scale, steps involved in a Level 1 inspection (examples were provided to illustrate what would pass or fail an inspection, as well as what would result in an out-of-service declaration).

“With this session and the upcoming seminar presented by the FMCSA, we are working in the right direction to promote safety in our industry, not only in Manitoba but across North America,” said MTA executive director Bob Dolyniuk.

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