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Saskatchewan upgrades highways along trade corridors

REGINA, Sask. -- Another 12 kilometres of Hwy. 11 twinning has opened, from north of Osler to south of Hague, which...

REGINA, Sask. — Another 12 kilometres of Hwy. 11 twinning has opened, from north of Osler to south of Hague, which is part of a major commercial route between Saskatoon and Prince Albert.

“I am very pleased to see such progress on this important north-south corridor,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister Wayne Elhard said. “Ensuring the smooth flow of traffic not only enhances trade, commerce and tourism, but it improves our competitiveness in the world market.”

In total, the province is investing $39.7 million in Highway 11 twinning this year between Saskatoon and Prince Albert, one of Saskatchewan’s strategic gateway corridors. Earlier in June, the province completed a 12 km section of Highway 11 twinning from north of Warman to north of Osler.

Meanwhile, in the Prince Albert area, grading is nearly complete on an 11.3 km section of twinned highway from north of Macdowall, to the junction of Highway 2 south of Prince Albert, according to the Ministry. Construction is reported to be proceeding well, with the bottom layer of asphalt expected to be laid by the end of October. However, the new twinned lanes are not expected to open until next year, when warmer temperatures are needed for the final layer of asphalt.

“Thousands of heavy commercial trucks are funnelled through Prince Albert on a daily basis serving the needs of northern Saskatchewan’s mining and exploration industries,” Elhard said. “Improving this important gateway will not only make travel safer and far more efficient for commercial traffic, but it will also enhance the drive for the many tourists who head north each year to take advantage of our northern lakes.”

The government’s long-range goal is to work toward the completion of twinning along the entire Highway 11 corridor from Saskatoon to Prince Albert.

“This will help better connect central and northern Saskatchewan shippers to international trade routes,” Elhard said.

The province is looking at a number of funding options to address additional twinning on Highway 11, including accessing federal dollars under the Building Canada Fund.

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