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Setting goals for 2017? Join the 10 Pound Challenge

LONDON, Ont. – By January 1 drivers, staff, and owner-operators at fleets across the country will be working to get healthy for the new year and drop some unwanted pounds.

Healthy Trucker and the ATA want to help drivers and staff achieve their wellness goals with the 10 Pound Challenge. The challenge will be 8 weeks long, and participants will set their own weight loss goals. Participants will be guided through the program via electronic resources sent out weekly, including a short motivational video from their health coach, new recipes, exercise tips & ideas, and more. It’s open to all that are serious about starting 2017 on the right foot by getting healthier and dropping some unwanted pounds.

As well, Healthy Trucker recently announced that they will waive the $500 entry fee for fleets that agree to invest that money back into driver incentives or prizes and this year

Aaron Lindsay, v.p. of marketing at Healthy Trucker said, “It’s all about encouraging more drivers and staff to join and the opportunity to win a prize for participation will help increase participation. Incentives could be something as simple as weekly or monthly draws for gift cards, promotional items or even a paid day off.”

Statistics show that when companies offer incentives for these types of programs, participation increases substantially. In addition, a reduction in weight can mean fewer accidents, lower benefit costs and less time off work due to injury and illness, making it a benefit for both driver and employer.

“According to a recent poll, 1/3 of Canadians will set a New Year’s resolution with the #1 resolution being to lose weight or gain better health,” said Glenn Caldwell, v.p. of sales at Healthy Trucker. “Although wellness is always top on the list, unfortunately the majority of them give up by mid-January and 73% eventually break them.”

More than 25 teams have already signed up for the challenge.

“There have been a number of requests to receive the coaching without having results posted so we have also opened it up for anyone that would like participate off the record,” added Caldwell.

Individuals that do not have a team registered are also invited to join under the WowTruck Team.

For more info, contact Healthy Trucker directly at

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