Sleep Apnea Pilot Project Looking for Canadian Carriers


OTTAWA – The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has partnered with OSA Canada Inc., to launch a pilot project that aims to bring a full-service sleep apnea program to commercial truck drivers.

Described as a “turnkey solution,” OSA will visit any carrier in any part of the country to screen, test and diagnose drivers. If needed, OSA will also equip and train drivers who have sleep apnea on how to use the CPAP machine – all, says CTA, within 72 hours or less.

While a monthly fee is required, it also includes ongoing monitoring of the CPAP equipment to ensure comfort and compliance.

“Carriers will never have to worry about access to sleep beds, CPAP machines breaking down or drivers having difficulty finding the right mask,” explained Mark Syvia, president, OSA. “Equipment will be replaced and re-fitted no questions asked.”

Precision Pulmonary Diagnostics LLC (PPD) is also on board to help deliver and monitor the therapy to drivers. PPD has screened over 40,000 drivers for companies like Schneider National and Swift Transportation, and the experience they bring, CTA said, is part of the program’s strength.

Dr. Mark Berger, president of PPD and senior medical advisor to OSA Canada, said that “Competitors may want to sell machines to the industry in Canada, but through OSA Canada they can rest easy knowing they will be provided a solution that fits the needs of individual drivers and companies…”

CTA has been working on a sleep apnea program since 2010 in anticipation of regulatory requirements from south of the border.

OSA Canada will also share data with potential customers showing on-road performance improvements of fleets, driver retention data and other benefits of the program.

If you’d like to be a part of the pilot program, you can contact OSA Canada: email Sandy Pollock at or call her at 289-337-8892. And yes, pilot participants get a reduced fee for their participation.

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