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TCA opposes twin 33-foot trailers in letter to House of Representatives

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) put its foot down today regarding twin 33-foot trailers.

The TCA reported that its president, John Lyboldt, sent a letter to the US House of Representatives voicing the association’s opposition to twin 33-foot trailers.

In the letter, he stressed that 33-foot trailers are not the solution to improving conditions on the nation’s roadways and the perceived productivity benefits that the longer trailers would provide are not worth the immense costs to the trucking industry as a whole, and that this shift from the industry standard would generate.

“The truckload industry recognizes the benefits that would be bestowed upon our Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) associates by adding additional cubic feet of freight space and how those benefits add to their productivity,” said Lyboldt. “The metric of mandating twin 33-foot trailers almost exclusively benefits LTL freight, thus putting the truckload segment of the industry at a competitive disadvantage.”

Lyboldt noted that the financial burden of changing 53-foot trailers as “a shift to 33-foot trailers would be considered voluntary, and the shipping community would automatically transition to carriers with the most cubic space for their goods, rendering our nation’s fleet of 53-foot trailers nothing more than antiques.”

He added that one issue notably absent from the discussions surrounding 33-foot trailers is the effect that the configuration would have on the industry’s population of drivers.

“Ramifications of operating fleets consisting of 33-foot trailers would be severe,” said Lyboldt.

The TCA added that the potential for driver injury will increase “when separating trailers and their 3,000-lb converter gear,” added Lyboldt, and “would jeopardize any improvements to the health and well-being of drivers that our industry strives to make.”

“The Truckload Carriers Association pledges to partner with our congressional leadership to discover solutions that truly benefit our industry and the American public as whole,” he said. “As discussions surrounding the topic of productivity begin to propagate over the coming months and years, TCA seeks to unite with all who have a vested interest in freight delivery solutions that work for everyone.”

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3 Comments » for TCA opposes twin 33-foot trailers in letter to House of Representatives
  1. Lucien Bleau says:

    Haven’t the TCA ever heard of “B” Trains, Super “B”‘s C- Trains?

  2. Driver health my ass! It’s all about the effect on their bottom line! They’re just too dishonest to admit it!

  3. Greg J. says:

    I think the U.S. Trucking industry should seriously take a look at running b-trains like we do here in Canada. That would eliminate driver injury from handling converter dollies. If they used train vans like Home Hardware and Tim Hortons uses, (tandem axle slides forward, tucking fifth wheel under lead trailer to allow backing up to dock for regular loading/unloading) they would save time and be able to haul larger loads. This would also help reduce GHG emissions and possibly help reduce the driver shortage problem as well. It seems that the trucking industry in the U.S. is reluctant or unwilling to make sensible changes sometimes. I realize that they say that the aging infrastructure may not take the extra weight that b-trains can carry, but often vans are cubed out before they reach weight capacity anyway.

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