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Territory to study pipeline route

WHITEHORSE, Yukon -- The Yukon government has hired a consultant to evaluate the economic impact the construction a...

WHITEHORSE, Yukon — The Yukon government has hired a consultant to evaluate the economic impact the construction and operation of an Alaska Highway natural gas pipeline would have on the region.

“Results from this analysis will be used to demonstrate the immense regional and national benefits that would flow from this project,” says Yukon Minister of Economic Development, Scott Kent.

“Knowing the expected impacts on job creation, economic opportunities and revenues for the Yukon, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, the Northwest Territories and other parts of Canada will be of importance to the federal government as well as provincial and territorial governments.”

Kent’s department recently awarded a $126,000 contract to Informetrica Ltd. The organization’s Whitehorse associates, Luigi Zanasi and Malcolm Taggart, will provide local information and expertise on the project.

The report will be completed early in 2002 and will evaluate the Yukon, regional and national impacts on key economic variables for different stages and aspects of pipeline construction and operation over 25 years.

The scope of the work includes the direct and indirect investment spending associated with the project; gross and net revenues to pipeline operators and natural gas producers; revenues to different levels of government; detailed employment; income; economic output; impacts on industry sectors, GDP; and other key macroeconomic variables. The consultation will also review relevant and comparable recent studies on the economic impact of the Alaska Highway pipeline.

“Broad analysis of the social and economic impacts is being carried out within government, but this project requires the use of sophisticated computer-based economic models to gauge the local, regional and national economic impacts of the project,” says Kent. “It is important we do this work now in order continue with our planning. The study can help to identify the level and magnitude of skills required, potential business opportunities, and identify what increased public and private services are needed.”

Informetrica Ltd. is a prominent economic analysis firm based in Ottawa. They specialize in economic research and economic impact studies.

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