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Paid The Canadian Load Board Announces Early July Launch Date

The Canadian Load Board, a new Canada-based load board with a toolset that emphasizes operational efficiency and building relationships, will launch their platform on July 8th, 2019. To support the launch there will be two free webinars on the 8th to introduce potential users to the features and workflow of the platform. The first webinar, at 11:30 AM EST, will demonstrate the broker accounts. The second, at 12:30 AM EST, will demonstrate the carrier toolset. Anyone interested in signing up for the webinars can do so at

Founder and CEO Aidan Slack-Watkins commented on the launch, saying “This launch has been a long time coming, but we decided to stay patient and run it by potential customers to get their opinions on workflow and feature design. Now that we have completed integrating that user input, we are ready to go. The feedback we got from potential customers was crucial to getting us to this point, and we are confident that the toolset will create substantial value for all carriers and brokers who use it.”

The Canadian Load Board has a traditional workflow, allowing brokers to post domestic and cross border Canadian loads while specifying whether the shipment is full truckload or less-than-truckload. Brokers can also specify trailer types, which include dry van, reefer, various flatbed options, and other specialized equipment. “We wanted to make sure that the workflow for posting loads was simple and intuitive” explained CEO Slack-Watkins, “but at the same time brokers told us they needed to be able to specify finer details such as LTL load dimensions and reefer temperatures. This type of input was invaluable in helping us create a platform that strikes the right balance between simplicity and functionality.”

Carriers have the ability to send offers on loads through the platform, and receive notifications from brokers who are interested in their offers. When a carrier finds a broker they would like to consistently work with, they can send them a contact request, and all contacts show up in the contacts tab. To fully leverage the contacts feature, brokers can post private loads for their own contact networks, and if the trailer types and lanes specified when a carrier signs up match the load details, the carrier will be notified that a broker in their network has posted a load matching their specifications. “All of this is designed to create an environment where you can build your relationships and grow your business” said Slack-Watkins. “We created a platform where you can get daily jobs when you need them; making that process more efficient was a major goal for our toolset. However, we also created tools that will help businesses of all sizes grow, and at the end of the day we are not happy unless our partners are growing with us.”

The Canadian Load Board will be launching July 8th, 2019, and anyone interested in signing up for the free webinars can do so at

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