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Total freight costs rise

TORONTO, Ont. — The total cost of ground transportation for Canadian shippers increased by 1.9% in February, as compared with January results, according to results published today by the Canadian General Freight Index (CGFI).

The base rate index, which excludes the impact of accessorial charges assessed by carriers, increased by 1.2% in February.

Average fuel surcharges assessed by Carriers decreased this month. Fuel was 17.94% of base rates in February versus 17.97% in January.

“Total freight costs increased 1.9% in February. All segments showed increases with cross border LTL and truckload leading those increases. Domestic LTL and truckload showed marginal increases also,” said Doug Payne, president and COO, Nulogx.


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  1. J.L.ALDERTON says:

    They say rising costs are a reflection of the drivers shortage which is self inflicted by the industry itself.Bottom line you want talent you got to pay for talent!Drivers should be classed as skilled labour and paid as such.Long gone are the days when virutally anybody could stroll in take a simple road test and beleive in the 60 and 70s if you had a heartbeat and pulse pass a 15 min road test you were a truck diver.The hoops and hurtles now to obtain that liecence are huge medicals ,road tests etc.If one sits down and compares an airline pilot and a trucjk drivers standards they run neck in neck if properly trained.Our wages since the 70 s has not climbled that much in the late 70s as a rookie i was paid 21 cpm what are we at now 40 t0 50 cpm that is a 40 yr span.Sure companies provide the most up to date equipment bottom line thats for their beneifit not the drivers in fact it just gives them more control in long run.Our wages should be at the level of pilots or just below if Jimmy hoffa had of survived we would have been at that level today he was organizing the industry and the Kennedy adminasrtation recognize that threat.Drivers will never acheive this level ever again we are the true engine of the economy not the autoworkers we dont work nobody else does.If you got a truck brought it.

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