TransX drivers get a little love

WINNIPEG — Nearly 900 drivers in TransX’s fleet got a little recognition for their dedication to safety.

The TransX Group of Companies hosted their 25th annual Safety Awards banquets with events at nine different locations throughout Canada and the U.S. The awards ranged from 1 – 32 years of accident free miles driven, with nine new drivers joining the Million Mile Club and four being added to the Two Million Mile Club.

"We are proud that this is our 25th year of giving safety awards to our best,” said Louie Tolaini, president of TransX. “This year we acknowledge 894 Drivers."

"The safe operation of our trucks on the highways of North America is a guiding principle used to operate the business. We are proud to recognize the safest drivers in our fleet." added Ron Joseph, the newly appointed president of TransX USA.

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