TravelCenters of America lays off more than 3,000

by Today's Trucking

WESTLAKE, Ohio – TravelCenters of America, one of North America’s largest truck stop chains, has laid off 2,900 field employees and 122 corporate employees in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

All TA, Petro Stopping Centers and TA Express travel centers remain open with fuel, showers, restrooms, quick-serve restaurants and convenience stores. But the full-service restaurant business has been affected by limits on such establishments and lower consumer demand linked to broader stay-at-home orders.

“Employees continue to take precautionary measures consistent with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to minimize the spread of coronavirus, including social distancing and enhanced cleaning protocols,” it adds in a related press release.

“This decision was very difficult, but these are unprecedented times. We believe this step is necessary to preserve the long-term success of our company and to ensure our essential services remain available for the millions of professional drivers who rely on us daily,” said Jon Pertchik, CEO of TA.

Founded in 1972, TravelCenters of America has more than 21,000 employees in more than 260 locations.

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  • With most states coming back up in May. I don’t understand the layoffs. Well I guess I do. This always about the dollar bill. Maybe the top executives could have taken a pay cut and saved half those jobs.

    • They will make more on Unemployment with the State benefits and the $600 a week Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

  • One of the things I am going to enjoy when virus crap is all done and said is to sit down at the TA in Boise Idaho and let a waitress I have known for twenty years pour me a cup of coffee. Now that I am off the road and in the office that little thing of being able to sit down with another trucker and shoot the breeze is being denied to me and a thousand other old hands that the little simple thing of a endless cup of coffee in a truckstop brings. The newer guys don’t miss it as much. Back in the day when using the phone in the trucker’s only section while on hold for an hour with dispatch the waitress was the one person that all ways made your day just a little better and the coffee helped a whole bunch as well.

  • They chose their path, while the competition, whose symbol is a heart, has stepped up their game. T/A has been going downhill for years. They chose to completely close most of the restaurants long before the virus came along. Now, they completely removed grill items, etc., and don’t allow refills on anything. Meanwhile, the competition has put employees on duty to get our drinks, etc.

  • And Travel Centers of America denies essential services to drivers. Lounges and game rooms are closed. We need to be able to get out of our trucks and see people. Closing off facilities isolates people unnecessarily. Add to that the fact that you’re reducing free parking spaces, making them premium/reserved/paid parking without notice. And, the fee for parking is now on a sliding scale. The later it gets, the more money you charge. And, you don’t even have the honesty and integrity to let drivers know until after the fact. Or, are honesty and integrity outdated concepts in your business model?

  • I travel 48 states and most of your Travel Centers are not following the CDC recommendations to prevent the spread of covid19.

  • Open the restaurants…..we all know this is a big scam against the American people and the world. Enough is enough already!!!

  • Thanks ta for closing your restaurant down that just makes it harder for the trucker to get a meal. Hope it comes back to bit you in the ass . All you care about is the old mighty dollar. that’s said run the mom and pop truck stop out of business then turn around and screw the drivers now

  • Keep taking services away from truckers you won’t have any left to haul your food, medical,mechanical supplies ,pretty stupid

  • they got through what they got to do..

    I just hope like hell what all this blows over that they’re going to get their jobs back..that’s the thing that I’m curious to know what kind of change is sometimes for the better I see toilets getting clean the whole lot more off it which is great sanitizers being offered on the walls..
    yeah they going to revert back to the same old nonsense once it’s all over???

  • Not much to say about that, they kinda have no choice. But if this trend keeps up then where does that leave us truckers? I for one am diabetic and can’t just eat fast food. I need a substantial meal for the carbs. And as a trucker you should be eating a balanced diet out here anyway. We will see what we will see, I may have to throw in the towel due to a lack of options.

  • They are still making money, charging 15 to 20 dollars for parking. Some of the lots list 1000 parking spots.

  • Good. I wish you would close them all. Went into the ta in oak grove Missouri and was very rudely told that i could not buy coffee there by 2 clerks that were yakking about having to work at all

  • Truck drivers don’t need to eat…
    This morning in Bordentown NJ at 7:45am the “quick serve” food was garbage. Been in the warmer so long it was a brick. No breakfast sandwiches. Hamburgers… No coffee until 8am. 3rd morning in a row we went with out breakfast. We have to fuel at TA/Petro. We don’t have time to stop somewhere else.
    Here’s a thought, keep the workers and have them clean! They sure can use some help in that area!!

  • Virus? They’ve been cutting hours or closing restaurants and opening fast food for a while now. Mostely due to people now days cooking and eating in the truck.

  • I see ta & petro becoming the next Pilot no restaurant all fast food. Get your high priced stuff and get OUT!!!! This will become the norm in the industry. Perfect excuse to get rid of restaurants will be great opportunity for mom and pop restaurant/ coffee shops where a driver can afford a hot meal.

    • Only old school truckers favored mom n pop truck stops mainly for the home cooked meals.The Young guns out here now like nothing but cheap fast poor quality junk food because that’s what they grew up on and don’t care about good quality anything.

  • Many blessings to you & yours my fellow TA employee, keep your head up we will all over come this alone but more together than ever.

  • Closing all the restaurants where we the drivers cant get any food to eat is not right we are out here making sure everyone gets all they need but we can’t eat

  • I’d like to where they think it’s ok to raise parking rates to 25 bucks in Atlanta I emailed ta of course no responss

  • That is a lie, no one goes, because they stayed in time, if in 1972, the facilities increasingly dirty and old. food is only for fat people. fats, fries and calories. the coffee, disgusting. They should watch the competition, Pilot and Loves. and remove TA CEO first

  • I work at a TA and I’m not understanding the need to lay off so many employees. My location is still very busy and if anything short staffed. With the extra cleaning and other extra time consuming steps that have been put in place to curb the covid virus it seems that the company is wanting more out of less employees. We already have very unhappy and stressed drivers to deal with daily. If these layoffs are in response to lack of profit I just don’t understand the companies rationale. We already try to provide the best service we can under very poor conditions like maintenance issues, pumps that have needed repairs for years, over priced goods and services which by the way only increase without any improvement or better service provided. When my job requires me to make excuses and listen to the daily legitimate complaints from our customers it is disheartening to say the least.

  • The. Service is going DOWN.The excuse is corrupt doesnt tell us of changes that arent even happening just an excuse

  • If America cares so much for our hero truckers why has no legislator introduced a bill to include all drivers in the national railroad pension fund? I drove 20 years otr and 10 local and I still, after 30 years, can’t believe how poorly drivers are treated.

  • I would really like to believe that you were truly care about us and laying 3000 people off so you could Preserve and help the truck driver when actually you are not because everything in your truck stop is overpriced you make the truck driver pay too much for everything we get your food is overpriced and you are making us pay to park when I was thinking a time like this you would not make us pay to park I feel you should never make us pay to park do the fact of all the fuel that we buy from you guys everyday but you want to act like you’re broke and you’re not

  • Please. Open. The. Restaurants. Using. Costumer. Distance. Each. Other. We. Need. The. Sit. And. Eat. Thank. You

  • Sorry to here this hope everything get back in order soon for your workers i was just at the one in Albuquerque New Mexico for 3days and all the workers was so kind and sweet and happy i hope and pray that things can work out and yall can get them workers back so they are able to feed and support they self and family they also was showing love they was giving the customers thank you card for coming to TA

  • Its ashamed when such things happen i have neighbors in my neighborhood who are out of work due yo this pandemic my wife and i sre truckers and we are thankful everyday that we are working may God bless and keep u all safe from harm and we r thankful for the truckstops ta has always provided great food and services we have had our truck or trailer repaired several times at a ta or petro thanks for all yall do u r heroes too

  • We are at the TA in Terrell Texas every Thursday to rest for most of the day and having closing the restaurant doesn’t leave many options for drivers to eat…this one has Pizza Hut and SUBWAY…pizza hut is way overpriced with limited options and SUBWAY is ton expensive…do you realized that most drivers have have health issues such as DIABETES..high blood pressure and certain diets that most won’t be able to eat fast food as to where the restaurant provides meal options to fit their diet needs…YOU ARE PUTTING DRIVERS HEALTH AT RISK WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR NEEDS…i have stomach ulcers and can’t eat acidic foods….most trucks don’t have luxuries such as a fridge or microwave..our truck doesn’t…i hope most drivers that frequent TA start finding other options for parking..i know many are extremely upset and we have a right to be…we will be frequently the Quick trip from now on because they offer food at reasonable prices….you lost two dedicated customers and hopefully more drivers will stop patronizing this establishment and find more adequate parking and meals…SHAME ON YOU

  • Should not have to pay for parking.that’s why I don’t go to ta are anywhere that charges for parking.

  • I’m tired of the nonsense coming from companies regarding this virus…
    I’m a trucker, and have been a loyal customer for the past five years now. I buy all my fuel at TA/Petro simply because they have a restaurant in most places instead of fast food. Since the nonsense of the sky is falling, your restaurants have been serving hot meals to go, which are usually consumed at the “Dashboard Diner “! Given the present situation this is acceptable.
    But now that TA/Petro has closed their restaurants I’m having a difficult time finding a hot meal on the road. There is only so much that can be prepared in the truck as far as a hot meal. Also parking a truck at a grocery store is difficult at best as well as keeping heatable meals in the truck fridge die to lack of space.
    I don’t want to have to buy fuel elsewhere because of this but I will have to go where there is the possibility of a hot meal at the end of the day!
    Let’s pray that this nonsense ends soon and we can start enjoying the good food and fellowship again in the truckstops of America…..

  • That is bull crap. They make a extra $2,500 or more a night just in paid parking. I been to a bunch of t/a and petro truck stops. The t/a will have 300 parking spots. And 250 of them are paid parking at $15 a pop. They can afford to keep the employees working.

  • Hope to have a place to sit down and eat soon I want to be safe but this is getting ridiculous for all truckers

  • I read this article, and it’s just like all the other companies, truckstops, and every other business that claims they are here for the truckers.
    It’s all a bunch of bullshit!!
    Explain to me why the T/A charges $15 for a shower, $20 or more to park in a “reserved” parking spot, why the food and drink pricescare so damn high?
    I have been in the trucking business for over 30 years, and every year the cost of being on the road gets more outrageous, so overpriced that sometimes I see men and women count their change just to pay for food to eat,
    There is no reason or excuse you can tell me that will ever change my mind about everyone of the truckstops, because they all do it, but the Peteo and T/A are higher than most.
    The excuse some people use is ” supply and demand”, but that excuse is so worn out, so overused, it’s not even the truth.
    All these hard working truckers work so hard, spending time away from their families for months at a time, sacrificing their time and lives, for everything we have in this country.
    If you see it, feel it, wear it, smell it, taste it, drive it, then you can be rest assured that a teucker brought it to you.
    While the ceo’s and higher ups in all of these companies enjoy their riches, their nice cars, big homes, and the rest of their luxuries, always remember you only have these things because of the hard working people that do all the dirty work for you.
    I wish there were truckstops and associated services that really do care about some of hardest working people in America.

  • They’ve all priced itself out high price food that’s not good order a steak at their restaurants they charge you price for a big steak house that’s a whole lot better.

  • I work for TA as a Mechanic and they do nothing to protect us at. They don’t I use by any social distancing or enforced mask laws we currently have. We continue to risk our health with no safety precautions and a measly $200 dollar bonus.

  • I am a truck driver tht travels across the country and drive many many miles awk we do depend on the trk stop around the world and across every state we cross.

  • This a big hinder on truck drivers that depends on the restaurant. We are away from family and don’t get a hot meal anymore

  • I will make sure I avoid fueling and spending business at all TA travel Centers. Now I know you are about your profit margin and not worried about taking care of your employees.

  • I’m quite sure Jon Pertchik gets a nutritional meal every day while we the Drivers get unhealthy food to eat .

  • Considering that their business has been steadily dropping since they added reserved parking and it takes forever to get work done in their shop, it is not surprising that they are laying off employees to ensure the continued success of the business. You hear about Love’s opening new locations all the time, when was the last time you heard about a new TA or Petro opening?

  • Which one of these truck stops will be the first to provide free showers to truckers during this crisis?

  • I think its sad! Truck driver here. A lot of truck stops have at least one fresh made to order option. Not ta they expect you to live off prefrozen microwave crap. Closing restaurants was just one more way to show they don’t care about drivers eating right. Best believe us truckers will not forget who made the effort for us and who didn’t care. Its sad you couldn’t leave a to go crew and feed truckers. Of course being a night driver yall didn’t care about us anyway before the pandemic. Most of your restaurants already quit being 24/7 before the pandemic i went from spending $150+ a week to not even eating in your restaurants during the day when they were open due to you not having a decent food option at night

  • This has started before covid19 been out on road last17 years and notice last few years been noticing lot of the country prides been being removed. To make way for fast food which a lot of drivers like myself are disappointed since we rather sit and have regular food

  • As a professional driver I appreciate that your facilities are 100 percent up and running thank you for your support in these challenging times

  • The less employees that you have, the harder it is on the employees trying to do a good job and the worse customer service is for the customer……I’m sure that you are planning to put in more paid parking to boost profits……do all of America a favor……DON’T! Help us drivers get some rest without gouging us!! Your prices for your goods give you and your investors a high enough profit margin!!

  • You gotta be kidding? They should ban the tourists from stopping there, it’s originally a truck stop for truckers and that closing off the truckers entrance in that one in Texas, should’ve left it open and ban the said tourists.
    Don’t these corporate types know who their primary customers are anymore?

  • TA has been on a steady decline for many years and they treat their employees poorly.
    So maybe they need a reality check!

  • They should close and stay closed. They have become one of if not the worst truck stops on the nation’s highways. They want money, money, money and dont give a damn about truckers.

  • This is a terrible time for everyone but thank you for caring about your customer and doing what is best for all of us. And thank you for staying open for the truckers.

  • So will the restaurant’s be open again after this? I’m asking about the sit down restaurant not the fast food.

  • The most Expensive Truckstop in America for drivers to stop at. It was better when it was the 76 Truckstop they were all about the Truckers back then. I refuse to stop at them their prices are off the charts and the Restaurants and all the Fast Food Joints in them are double the cost of their Fast Food Restaurants outside of the TA. Location.

    Most of the TA locations have been closing their Sit Down Restaurants and moving in Fast Food Chains they say it saves them on over head cost as Younger Drivers are Opting for the Grab and Go Food due to the Increasing Pressures from E-Logs

  • I think it is pretty low to have truck drivers have to pay to park right now all of the truck stops should thank God the truck still what to stop . All the money you make off us you over change us this is y I am starting to look for the smaller ones the service is a lot better and I don’t have to pay for a parking spot the Drivers spent a lot of money and this is how we get paid back T/A Petro Flying J Pilot LOVES

  • Once the virus is over with I’d like to come back to work dishwasher or other side hot food prep or cleaning truck side bathrooms.I worked at the TA a year

  • Since the pendemic is still in effect, they should suspend paid parking since freight is down and those that are brokering freight, they are gouging drivers.

  • If you follow the virus protocols, the public and your employees should remain safe, and your restaurants could remain open, perhaps on a limited staff. Saddens me and the wife because we’ve been having breakfast every day before Christmas at the same truck stop restaurant for over 40 years. For the very first time, this pandemic, and your choice to close, will break that tradition.

  • I wish that you could be in our situation as drivers. We spent week’s on the road working long hour’s. And what thanks do we get from you. Closed sit down restaurants, fast food that is so unhealthy I wouldn’t feed it to a goat, hot case food that has sat in the warmers for hours on end its not even edible. Not to mention how you have capatilized on the parking shortage in our country and have put in so many paid parking spaces it’s pathetic. You are only serving your corporate greed. You do not deserve to be in operation anymore. You don’t care about the drivers, only what you can get from them. I wish you the worst and hope you close all you facilities. I hope to see a return of the mom and pop truck stops.