Truck Cargo Thefts Trending Downward

JERSEY CITY, NJ — Cargo thieves in the U.S. and Canada stole more than US$22.5 million in cargo in third-quarter 2015, according to the newly released figures from the cargo theft prevention and recovery services provider CargoNet.

The number is down from the US$25 million recorded for second-quarter of 2015. This also compares to the US$45.8 million in cargo stolen during the third quarter of 2014.

CargoNet recorded a total of 213 cargo theft incidents, which is down 23 percent when compared with July through September 2014 but is up 2 percent from second-quarter 2015.

In Canada, CargoNet noted an increase of 43 percent in reported cargo thefts in Ontario.

In the U.S. cargo theft was highest in California but decreased 43 percent from third quarter 2014. New Jersey saw the largest decrease in cargo thefts, falling 73 percent year-over-year and was second only to California, with 30 reported cargo thefts.

Most other top states saw an increase in reported cargo thefts. Florida increased 42 percent year-over-year, Illinois increased 15.3 percent and Texas increased 7 percent year-over-year.

CargoNet reported it found two notable trends in regards to where cargo is stolen.

In third-quarter 2015, thefts at truck stops dropped 60 percent from third-quarter 2014, but cargo thefts that occurred while the vehicle was parked along the side of a road increased 144 percent.

“We advise carriers to avoid leaving their trucks along the roadside, especially in Florida and California, where roadside thefts were highest,” the company said in a news release.

Most commodities decreased from third-quarter 2014 theft levels due to fewer reported cargo thefts, but some trends were still abnormal. Despite fewer cargo thefts, food and beverage thefts increased by 20 percent, with 31 percent of reported cargo thefts this quarter involving food and beverage products.

Thefts of household items such as appliances were down 74 percent. Thefts of electronics decreased 45 percent this quarter. This is abnormal, since electronics are usually a desired item that’s easy to sell for a high value, according to CargoNet.

Due to delayed reporting, CargoNet expects both the total value and total number of incidents for third-quarter 2015 to increase between now and the final publishing third-quarter 2015 Cargo Theft Report.

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