Trucking firm helps clean up charity’s donation sites

by Today's Trucking

TORONTO, Ont. – In early April, Diabetes Canada issued an impassioned plea to stop dumping at its donation bins.

In an open letter, it urged community leaders and elected officials to raise awareness about the issue, saying its bins were overflowing and becoming a health hazard.

By then, Diabetes Canada and other charities across Canada had already stopped picking up donations because of Covid-19.

People continued dumping stuff anyway, leaving a mess at donation sites, until one trucking company based in Mississauga, Ont., stepped in to help.

Reacting to a social media post, Denis Cordick, vice-president of marketing and partnerships at AMJ Campbell, offered the company’s moving trucks to clean up the sites.

AMJ Campbell
AMJ Campbell has helped clean up hundreds of Diabetes Canada donation sites. Photo: Diabetes Canada/Twitter

“We give back where we can.”

– Denis Cordick, vice-president of marketing and partnerships, AMJ Campbell.

“To date (May 13), the team of unexpected heroes has already cleaned up 400 Diabetes Canada donation bin sites in Ontario, resulting in the removal of 10 tons of garbage and soiled bags,” Diabetes Canada said.

They also managed to salvage 13 tons of donations.

“AMJ is always seeking to assist the communities in which we work. We give back where we can,” Diabetes Canada quoted Cordick as saying.

“We can’t thank AMJ Campbell, Denis, his franchisees across the province and staff enough for their willingness to help,” said Sean Shannon, National Diabetes Trust president and CEO.

“We never expected this amount of generosity and selfless dedication of this company and their staff.”

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