Maddocks Systems, the Canadian developer of TruckMate for Windows trucking management software, has become a certified solution provider for the ACE e-Manifest program. Maddocks says its worked closely with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency on intensive compliance testing to reach this level of certification.

This allows Maddocks clients to send the required e-Manifest data directly from the TruckMate software package. By seamlessly
transmitting the shipment information required by ACE, time-consuming data entry will be eliminated and accuracy will be ensured
prior to transmission.

“Working directly with the CBP agency during the certification and development process has been a tremendous advantage,” says company president and CEO, Bob Maddocks. “We were able to start from a trucking fleet’s perspective and create a final product that met the ACE requirements and also maintained operational efficiency.”

Under ACE, before reaching the border, trucks are required to submit an e-Manifest through the web-based ACE secure data portal
or through a CBP- approved electronic data interchange. An e-Release, the electronic process by which CBP authorizes the release of goods from the carrier or warehouse to an importer, will be required for shipments heading into the United States.

Using the detailed shipment information already captured in TruckMate, Maddocks clients will be able to submit all the information
required through a customized e-Manifest program within the TruckMate software. Submitting the manifest early allows border security agencies to pre-screen the manifest through multiple checks before the truck arrives.

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