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US truck parking problem to be addressed

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The US Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) released survey results recently that point out the lack of truck parking information and capacity across the country. The results called for a national coalition to address the escalating problems and find solutions.

The results showed that almost half of the state departments of transportation surveyed reported that truckers were forced to park on freeway interchange ramps and shoulders of highways, which is a safety issue.

“We know truck parking has been a longstanding problem in our nation and we need new approaches to fix it,” said US Deputy Transportation Secretary Victor Mendez. “Now more than ever, this country needs better planning, investment, and innovation from those who have a stake in safe truck parking and transportation.”

The National Coalition on Truck Parking announced that it will continue working to find solutions to truck parking needs and will include the FHWA, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, the American Trucking Associations, the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association, the National Association of Truck Stop Operators and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance in finding these solutions.

“Without truck drivers, America’s businesses would suffer and the economy would come to a halt,” said Federal Highway Administrator Gregory Nadeau. “They deliver the goods and products we use every day, and are critical to safe freight movement in our country.”
FMCSA Acting Administrator Scott Darling added: “Highway safety depends in part on making sure hardworking, professional truck drivers have a safe place to recuperate after spending hours on the road. We at FMCSA are committed to addressing this shortage of safe and convenient truck parking for the drivers who do so much to advance our economy.”

In the new few months, the USDOT and the National Coalition on Truck Parking said it  will engage in a conversation with state and local governments, law enforcement and the trucking and business communities to work together to advance truck parking solutions to meet the needs of the nation’s truck drivers.

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  1. Kenneth Owens says:

    All that has been done to date is kick the can down the road, law makers enacting “feel good” laws which is like placing a band aid upon a an open chest wound. They must open up four times the parking now available or make the hours of service laws even more flexible.

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