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Virtual yard management software softens the Hours-of-Service punch

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The new year brought new rules regarding Hours of Service (HOS) for commercial vehicle drivers ...

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The new year brought new rules regarding Hours of Service (HOS) for commercial vehicle drivers with shockwaves felt across the entire shipping community, and Ohio-based Virtual Yard Management has been helping companies in the HOS environment with the power of effective yard management.

In effect since January 4, 2004, these new regulations by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have had a sizable impact on the truckload transportation industry during first quarter affecting driver productivity and increasing demurrage charges for companies across the country.

Virtual Yard Management, a transportation-logistics business with expertise in yard management and switching services, helps companies improve their ability to receive trucks in the most expedient ways. However, with the new HOS rules in place, Virtual Yard Management is on a campaign to spread the word about the value, utility and power of effective yard management.

The result of the HOS rules is that carriers are levying demurrage charges and doubling stop-off charges for multi-stop loads, which impacts any company that receives or ships products/materials.

"The costs to an individual firm can be astronomical," says Joe Radican, president, Virtual Yard Management. "Firms must improve their efficiencies they need to know what trucks are in the yard and when they arrive or depart."

According to Radican, containing costs warehousing, distribution, and transportation are critical. If firms do not improve efficiency, they will end up paying large demurrage charges. Optimal warehouse layout and dock door utilization can help drive down detention time.

"Real-time information is necessary for managing the flow of yard operations. Effective yard management applications enable companies to track inbound freight arrival and trailer appointment management plus manage outbound schedules, asset tracking, and trailer status in real time," adds Radican. "Yard management systems can help schedule the next load/unload, and provide records of arrival, dock in/out, and departure time. And, such software can aid a firm in answering inquiries from carriers, customers, and operations staff, quickly and accurately."

KT3 software, a cohesive and integrated tracking and management program developed by Virtual Yard Management, empowers companies to maintain control and visibility of product and assets regardless of their physical location. "You know what’s sitting in your yard."

KT3 Yard Management Systems evolved from software applications originally developed to support Virtual Yard Management’s switching business, as a service provider in the automotive manufacturing arena. KT3 works vertically to implement and maintain operational efficiencies within a client’s infrastructure; horizontally, it coordinates outside suppliers, carriers, and third parties (3PLs) to provide a strong link in supply chain logistics. KT3 also incorporate web-based Internet access providing online visibility to multiple sites.

Based on a database platform, KT3 operates in concert with RF technologies, supports system-to-system integration with data mining, and advocates online Internet applications. KT3 can operate on a single workstation or network systems; for a single workstation, it uses the Microsoft SQL7 database; an alternative is using a PC style server with Novell, IBM, or Microsoft NT operating systems.

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