You can now get EatonĂ­s Vorad VS-400 collision-warning system as a published, factory-installed option on all Freightliner Cascadia, Century and Columbia class 8 trucks.

To simplify the spec’ing process for dealers and customers, five separate selections for Vorad safety systems are now available in the Freightliner data book, including the collision-warning system with or without SmartCruise adaptive cruise control and/or BlindSpotter side-object-detection system only.

EatonĂ­s latest generation VS-400, with 77-GHz radar that’s approved for worldwide use, is a forward-looking detection system that helps drivers identify objects up to 500 ft ahead with in-cab audible and visual alerts. It sees both slow-moving and stationary objects that may present a danger, regardless of weather conditions. The new user-friendly driver display features adjustable volume control.

The SmartCruise system collects data from the collision-warning system to help the driver maintain a safe following distance. It automatically adjusts vehicle speed, based on pre-determined parameters, to help prevent collisions. The BlindSpotter system sends an alert when an object is identified alongside the vehicle. If a turn signal is activated, an audio warning tells the driver if an object has been identified at the side.


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