It’s not altogether new, but the Safe-T-Loc wheel-management system from Manufacturer Direct in Calgary seems worth a mention. It promises to diminish the number of wheel-off incidents by not only flagging a loose fastener but also locking it in place.

A plastic Safe-T-Loc unit is securely attached to each lug nut on a wheel. If a fastener should loosen, the Safe-T-Loc will back off in sync with it, but only by 6 degrees, representing about 45 lb ft of clamping force. At that point a red flag appears to alert the driver or technician that trouble is afoot. But the nut can’t go any further because the Safe-T-Loc is now jammed – and locked — against its nearest neighbor on the adjacent nut.

Said to be easily installed or removed, the Safe-T-Loc is not susceptible to weather or road salt. It’s made of copolymer polypropylene. The red flag is hot-stamped with foil and the maker claims it can’t come off. Manufacturer Direct says the product pays for itself with the elimination of the first re-torque.

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