Win Free Tickets to Big Trucking Conference! (Serious enquiries only)

TORONTO — Back in the distant past, back in the days before twerking and selfies were part of anybody’s vocabulary, natural-gas and heavy-duty trucking were completely incompatible.

Not now.

Natural gas is a burgeoning part of the trucking industry; and it behooves fleets large and small to investigate how this new fuel can power their rigs into the future.

As any schooled industry leader will tell you, the companies that implement natural-gas strategies effectively have somewhere within their ranks a “natural gas champion:” i., e., the staff person who knows the most about the stuff.

Here’s the chance to make yourself that champion.

On Oct 1 and 2 at the RitzCarlton Hotel in downtown Toronto, the natural-gas industry leaders and innovators will be gathering at the Natural Gas Vehicle Infrastructure Canada Conference.

The two days are packed with top-drawer information. Attendees will learn about where natural gas is coming from; how much it’s going to cost and how to make it part of your fleet. You’ll get honest opinions on the costs, the downsides and the opportunities.

You can find out more by clicking here.

Better yet, because wants our readers to be at the cutting edge of the industry, we’re offering free tickets to the conference (they retail at about $1,000 each) and we’re making it dead easy to win one.

All you have to is be one of the first to answer this no-brainer Natural Gas question: “Which Boucherville-QC-based fleet is among the Canadian natural-gas pioneers?”

Send your answers to Jason Rhyno at And please, serious enquiries only. We want these tickets going to people who will use them.

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