Windsor Truckers Back to Work After Stoppage

WINDSOR, ON. — The 140 truckers hauling dirt and gravel to the Windsor-Essex Parkway are back to work after they halted work on Friday in protest of unfair wages.

Subcontracted under Amico Infrastructure, drivers and Amico representatives met over the weekend to discuss the issue, The Windsor Star reported.

They received a $2- an hour raise, and while they are still unhappy about their wages, the drivers couldn’t afford to keep on striking.

“We didn’t like it but we’ve got truckers that have to keep working because they’re falling behind and, if we keep going on strike, all we’re going to do is hurt the guys that have the trucks. So they’ve got to keep making money to keep afloat,” said Randy Benoit, a driver representing the truckers, to The Star

“We’re at such a bad state that we’ve got to keep moving because they have to keep making money just to pay their bills. They’re just getting by but it’s better that they just get by, rather than just totally stop and go under.”

High fuel costs and continual truck breakdowns have squeezed drivers’ wallets. The trucks need repairs three to four times more often than normal, Benoit said, due to soft ground and heavy clay.

Benoit told The Star they will continue to negotiate with Amico.

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