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WSIB raises 2018 premium rates for trucking

TORONTO, Ont.  — The WSIB announced the 2018 premium rates today at its annual general meeting and general trucking (RG570) and courier services (RG577) will see increases.

General trucking rates will go up 3.7% (from $6.72 to $6.97) and couriers will see an increase of 4% (from $3.02 in 2017 to $3.14 in 2018). Waste materials recycling will see the largest increase in the transportation sector with an 8.1% increase. Warehousing will see actually see a 7.5% decrease.

The Province of Ontario has legislated the expansion of WSIB coverage to include work-related chronic mental stress starting in 2018. Jon Blackham, OTA director of policy and public affairs, said a large portion of the increases are due to the anticipated costs of this new policy.

“While the true impact of this move is not yet known, OTA will continue to work with the WSIB to ensure the Ontario trucking industry’s rates are fairly allocated as things move forward,” added Blackham.

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  1. Claudette Purdy says:

    The WSIB should not be cancelled as workers need to be protected for illnesses caused by work. This is mainly caused in low working conditions areas.

    Mr. Ford will do anything to contradicts what the Federal government has agreed too.

    I will not support or vote for him.

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