Mir-RT Maintenance Mgmt Software Solution

For over 27 years, DataDis has been a leader in the development of software simplifying the maintenance management of vehicles and heavy equipment fleets.

With MIR-RT, we are proud to contribute to the increased productivity of machine shops and lowering of maintenance costs throughout North America. Your competitors experience the same problems you face. For those using Mir-RT as their maintenance software solution, they’ve either eliminated or significantly reduced many of those problems.

More than anyone, you know that equipment failure is not profitable… With Mir-RT, our customers:

  • Reduce cost per kilometer/miles.
  • Reduce fuel consumption.
  • Improve reliability of their equipment.
  • Structure their preventive maintenance management.
  • Implement required maintenance inspections.
  • Reduce tire expenses, second in importance after fuel.
  • Decrease the value of on hand inventory through effective management of minimum and maximum quantities.

Click the link to learn more: https://goo.gl/z7MNsF