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Driver Inc. model condemned by CRA, ESDC

TORONTO, Ont. – The jig may be up for drivers and carriers operating under the Driver Inc. model.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) have clarified how they will treat drivers who incorporate themselves and operate company-owned vehicles, the so-called Driver Inc. model.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has fought the expanding practice, as it opens the door to the possibility of widespread tax manipulation, since no source deductions come off the driver’s pay. CRA has agreed, acknowledging that if an individual incorporates, but has no labor characteristics that are different than an employee – for example, working exclusively for one employer or not having registered any equipment assets – that person is then deemed a Personal Service Business (PSB).

PSBs are: not entitled to income tax deductions available to other corporations; cannot deduct most expenses available to other corporations; are subject to a combined federal and provincial tax rate of 33%; amounts paid by one business for services provided by another business must be reported to CRA, but are not subject to statutory payroll deductions; and if the corporation pays salary and wages to one or more employees, these amounts are subject to withholding of income tax, CPP and in some cases EI.

Further documentation on the CRA’s position can be found here.

CRA told the CTA that beginning with the 2018 tax year, all payments made to self-employed individuals deemed to be PSBs must be reported on a T4A slip. Now, the CTA is calling on CRA to fully enforce this policy nationally and to increase fines for non-compliance.

“CTA applauds CRA’s actions. We now have clarity of the rules from a tax filing and enforcement perspective regarding Driver Inc.,” said CTA president Stephen Laskowski. “We will begin educating the industry on this policy and ensure that it is enforced.”

ESDC has also responded to the CTA, noting that incorporated drivers operating company vehicles are entitled to the same treatment under the law with regards to overtime payments, general holidays, vacation time and pay, as well as termination and severance, as employees.

ESDC said it would consider conducting inspections in high-risk industries, such as trucking.

“We believe Driver Inc. is costing Canadian government hundreds of millions of dollars in lost tax revenue from drivers not filing as a PSB or simply not properly reporting their income,” says Laskowski. “We are hopeful, the combined actions of CRA and ESDC will finally restore labor standard compliance and tax fairness throughout the trucking industry.”

The CTA is planning an advertising campaign to create awareness about the issue.



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16 Comments » for Driver Inc. model condemned by CRA, ESDC
  1. Steve says:

    This is very good now bring in a wage for truck drivers with 2 or more years experience for local at $23.00 per hour and O.T.R. of $27.00 plus per hour plus overtime . Any drivers going into the u.s. medical insurance and require all owner-ops that go into the U.S. to have medical insurance.

  2. Michael Gower says:

    Finally, the OTA does something positive for the industry.

  3. Euigen says:

    These idiots don’t know, it is non of there business to see how the driver & O/O work. Don’t poke yr nose into the other people’s work. When CRA has no objection then what’s yr problem. All driver are away from home from wife & kids so they should have compensation for that & also for the expenses & expensive meals too.

  4. Daniel Doyle says:

    A lot of carriers are asking their drivers to get incorporated. A lot of cheaper carriers use this ploy to not pay you for 30 days, and if you leave you will end up taking them to small claims. I speak from experience.

    • Steve says:

      This happens all the time. Truck drivers are cheated when they incorporate. The Federal Government is shutting down companies that force truck drivers to incorporate to get paid.

    • Barb says:

      Drivers only ….who go to USA. Canada. do not require small Court you need find nearest Federal Labor of Canada office call complain.Ask for application form. Do not forget add vacation pay.By the law company has to pay vacation. For Ontario drivers is Ontario Labor Association

  5. Shane says:

    So Eugien, you’re saying you should have to pay income taxes?After all the heavy trucks are the main factor in the destruction of our roads and hiways.

  6. Vlad says:

    Sell house and car. File bankruptcy. Quit job. Apply for welfare. Is that what they want?

  7. Kabrun says:

    Good news!

  8. Nisha says:

    how we can forget the sacrifice of drivers who stay away from family,home and food and come back 3or4 days.who will pay compensation for that.Govt. should think this factor.

  9. Garry says:

    Okk guys, mst of the companies want drivers to incorporate, this is cheating on drivers.. and illiterate people of canada who thinks drivers earn millions should cone in driving and see how they survive.. u dont even know how to drive a car on highway.. most of the companies wont take drivers on payroll because that will increase their liabilities and if we own our own trucks then who will drive company trucks.. Eod the govt is just penalizing the middle class to serve the refugees, the fucked up idea of Justin Trudeau, the most corrupt leader.. I agree take the tax from truck drivers but shut down all the goon inspection stations, those motherfuckin MTOs are always behind us and keep fetching money out of our pockets, everytime transport driver is blamed for anything that happens.. people u need to think about it..

    Driving a haulier is fucking hard job than drivin a hatchback and speeding on highways…
    Canada is such a country illiterates…

    I request all transport drivers to be united and refuse to work till they realise the fact that its we drivers who feed the country.. think about it guys cmon plz be united and strike

  10. Smith says:

    Everything u buy u just pay tax tax tax and work hard like donkeys and then again tax tax tax … cmon guys we want to live, how much do u need to feed the beggers and refugees justin trudeau

    Corruption at heights, canada is no more a first generation country rather its a fourth world nation lolz

  11. sukhdeep says:

    shortage of drivers on its way good job

  12. no name says:

    It’s the bad news let see less drivers on the road more expensive transportation for goods.

  13. James says:

    Just make it tuffer on a industry that is all ready struggling. Great Idea to put more tax on us you dumb Tools. As on owner operator I claim all my income as I should in a country that already taxes us at 47%. You want your coffee delivered and your fast food and the paper you CRA guys use to send us that all ready high tax bill we get! You never attract new people to drive these trucks. Smarten up! Leave crap alone.
    Government gets millions in personal perks like car rentals, bus passes, plane fare, food allowance and a shit ton more.
    Let’s make it fare you say, well tax payers pay all this crap that government officials don’t pay for that we all ready pay for.
    Here’s a thought! Get the government to stop wasting money like it grows on trees and leave the truck drivers alone or you won’t have gas, food, water, oil, clothes because your going to piss everyone off! Give your heads a sake dumb tools!

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