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Income trust buys MJ Vallee Trucking

LLOYDMINSTER, Alta. — Petrocapita Income Trust has announced the acquisition of oilfield transport company MJ Vallee Trucking.

MJ Vallee operates seven heavy oil well fluid transport trucks, six heavy oil fluid transport trailers and a fully equipped truck and trailer repair and maintenance facility in Lloydminster, as well as a storage yard for Petrocapita’s trucks, trailers and service rigs.

A separate facility at the same site operates as a logistics office for fluid hauling and well servicing. MJ Vallee will continue to operate under its current name but now as a wholly owned subsidiary of Infracore Processing, the companies announced.

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2 Comments » for Income trust buys MJ Vallee Trucking
  1. Mark says:

    I thought Income Trusts were stopped a number of years ago by the Federal govt. As I understand income trusts were perfect for retired people as it gave them a monthly income when retired.
    Any info from someone who knows would be greatly appreciated by myself and I am sure many others.
    I am nearing retirement and would like to know if Income Trusts are available.

  2. Scott says:

    The government never stopped entities from forming Income Trust. They are still permitted. What the government did was change how they are treated for tax purposes to make sure that they were taxed at a similar rate to corporations. This was to prevent companies from converting to Income Trust.

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