MTA to consumers: Expect to pay more for stuff

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WINNIPEG, Man. — The Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) is warning shippers and consumers that the sharp increase in diesel prices will have to be passed along the supply chain.

Diesel jumped to its highest level in more than two years this week and has surged to $1.159 per litre in Winnipeg. That’s up nearly 10 cents per litre in just one week.

Prices have been driven up by ongoing unrest in the Middle East, particularly in Libya.

“Fuel is one of the largest cost factors for trucking companies,” says Manitoba Trucking Association executive director Bob Dolyniuk. “With the slim profit margins that exist under normal conditions, trucking companies are not able to absorb the increased cost of fuel. Trucking companies will be increasing their fuel surcharges to adjust for this increased cost. Unfortunately, this cost will be passed on to the shipper public and ultimately the consumer.”

Consumers should be aware that not only will it cost them more to get to the store, but prices on items there will be exponentially higher due to rising fuel costs, the MTA warned.

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