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Dear Editor,...

Dear Editor,

I have a problem with our Ministry of Transport that affects all you Class A drivers.

The ones coming up to 65 who aren’t retiring and who need to keep working to survive.

I just had the occasion to write my Air Brake test, my road sign test, my school bus test and my Class A test.

I am now told that when I reach 65 I must take a road test every two years to keep my Class A, what kind of nonsense is this?

I am regulated up to my wazoo at the scale, I am regulated on the amount of hours I can drive, I am regulated by the inspections of the vehicles I operate, and I am regulated by medicals. But now a four-wheel driver who’s 82-years-old only has to do a written test every year unless a road test is warranted and they complain.

They (non-truck drivers) don’t have to take medicals nor do these individuals drive as much in 10 years as most class A drivers do in one year nor are they regulated how long per day they can drive.

I think you’ve got the picture. Who do you think should be more scrutinized if anyone, the driver who does 10,000 miles a year or the operator who does over 100,000 miles a year? It’s a no-brainer.

Now let me make myself perfectly clear – if a class A driver is 65 and has a poor driving record then I believe this justifies a road test.

This looks like a money grab, you think!

I will tell you one thing for sure – the Minister of Transport is going to hear from me.

What about you ?

Aging Trucker

Via e-mail

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