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All that glitters, is Canadian

My last column was about how much I love the Olympics.At the time I wrote it, they had barely begun ... we had only received one medal, Cindy Klassen's well deserved bronze in speed skating.Who could ...

My last column was about how much I love the Olympics.

At the time I wrote it, they had barely begun … we had only received one medal, Cindy Klassen’s well deserved bronze in speed skating.

Who could have guessed the outcome of events during the remaining days?

Sale and Pelletier, won the hearts and minds of everyone – except for five judges.

What a week as the International Olympic Committee and the skating union twisted and turned under the scrutiny of the world and its media before finally succumbing to a rare bout of common sense, awarding the gold to the Canadian pair.

Jeremy Wotherspoon’s agonizing fall and flag-bearer Catriona LeMay Doan’s climatic gold medal skate in the 500 metres. The picture of this prairie beauty as she hugs her man in the Stetson celebrating the happy end to this part of their journey … these are moments to remember forever. They are the stuff dreams are made of.

Our first ever medal in cross-country skiing, a bronze from Vermillion, Alberta native Becky Scott.

Little did we know at the time that this too should have been a gold, since both the silver and gold winners were later discovered to be dope enhanced performers.

Alas whining Russians and ultra-weak spirited Olympic officials kept this from becoming a reality.

Becky did us all proud as she accepted her medal on behalf of clean athletes everywhere.

Space keeps me from writing about all the great stories initiated by our athletes at these Olympics, so I apologize to all those I’ve left out, but I couldn’t pass on our much-deserved twin hockey golds.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am Canadian.

Although I must admit, I’m still not over the tension of those action-packed third periods.

To all the guys and gals who proved once again that we are indeed the first nation of hockey, way to go!

I’ve been reading in the papers lately that following these Olympics all things Canadian have suddenly become cool and I like to hear that kind of stuff.

I’m sure that as with all things cool, our time will pass.

Something newer will come along, but I just want to thank our athletes for making our time so impressive, they did it with style and class, these qualities are timeless.

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