Breathing dangerous diesel fumes

by Karen Bowen

Every time you stand outside your rig when it’s running, you experience an occupational hazard – diesel fumes – a recognized toxic substance.

In recent years the composition of diesel fuel has become less toxic and diesel engines have become more efficient; however, inhaling diesel fumes over an extended period of time can still lead to acute or short-term health effects.

Diesel fuel, like gasoline, is a hydrocarbon-based fuel. Short-term exposure to diesel fumes, such as when you fuel your truck or clean up a small spill, can temporarily irritate your eyes, skin or respiratory tract and/or cause dizziness, headache or nausea. However, longer-term exposure may lead to more serious health concerns, such as lung cancer, kidney damage, and increased risk of heart attack.

Diesel exhaust, a specific type of diesel fume, has more negative health effects than regular diesel fumes. Short-term exposure can irritate your eyes, nose, throat and lungs; it can cause coughs, bronchitis, headaches, lightheadedness and nausea.

Lengthy exposure to diesel exhaust may increase your risk of developing asthma, a variety of lung diseases, heart disease, as well as brain and immune system issues. In studies using human volunteers, exposure to diesel exhaust particles made people with allergies more susceptible to the materials to which they were allergic, like dust and pollen. Exposure may also trigger lung inflammation, aggravating chronic respiratory symptoms and increasing the frequency and severity of asthma attacks.

The 40 different toxic compounds found in diesel exhaust can cause immediate and serious health concerns.
A complex mixture of fine particles and gases, diesel exhaust contains both unburned diesel fuel and particulates (soot). The primary dangerous substances found in diesel exhaust include particulate matter, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, and other hazardous gases.

Diesel particulate matter (DPM), sometimes called diesel exhaust particles (DEP), is the term used for the solid or liquid particles the exhaust carries into the air. Some particles are visible as soot or smoke, but most are fine particulate matter, which is composed of very small objects floating in the air, like dust, dirt, soot, smoke, and liquid droplets. Ninety per cent of diesel particulate matter is considered fine particulate matter (less than 2.5 microns in diameter).

Diesel particulate also contains diesel soot and aerosols, including: ash particulates, metallic abrasion particles, silicates and sulfates. Since the fine particles are so small, you easily inhale them deeply into your lungs where they are quickly transported into your bloodstream. So, people with existing heart or lung disease, asthma or other respiratory problems are most sensitive to the health effects of these fine particles.

As well, the particulates’ rough surfaces catch and carry other harmful, environmental toxins along with them as you breathe them deeply into your lungs. Inhaling this particulate matter may aggravate asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and/or cause coughing and difficult or painful breathing, decreased lung function, weakening of the heart, heart attacks and/or premature death.

Carbon monoxide, another component of diesel exhaust, reduces your blood’s ability to deliver oxygen to your organs, damaging these organs. Extremely high concentrations cause death. Nitrogen oxide, also found in diesel exhaust, covers a group of highly reactive gases composed of various amounts of nitrogen and oxygen.

Low levels of nitrogen oxide can irritate your eyes, throat, lungs and cause coughing, shortness of breath, tiredness and nausea. However, breathing high concentrations can trigger more serious symptoms like rapid burning, spasms and swelling of the throat and upper respiratory tract, reduced oxygen in your tissues and a build up of fluid in your lungs.

Nitrogen oxides damage lung tissue, lower your body’s resistance to respiratory infections and can increase the severity of chronic lung diseases, such as asthma.

Since studies show that people who work around diesel equipment, including truck drivers, are more likely to develop these health issues than workers not exposed to diesel emissions, it is important to take precautions. Even though you may not be able to avoid fumes altogether, you reduce your risk.

Avoid breathing diesel fumes as much as possible. If you must idle your truck in an enclosed area, such as a service bay or warehouse, keep the idling time as short as possible. As well, be sure the ventilation system is working efficiently. When available, use local exhaust ventilation with intake and exhaust fans, since this is most effective. Use a tailpipe or stack exhaust, too.

However, if no local exhaust ventilation is available, avoid running your rig inside. When necessary, use general ventilation practices: open doors and windows, use floor fans and/or roof vents and fans. Since general ventilation distributes exhaust throughout the inside of the building is less effective, keep idling time to a minimum.

Most people are exposed to diesel exhaust fumes daily, but your exposure is higher.

Take these precautions and let your health risks disappear into thin air.


Karen Bowen is a professional health and nutrition consultant, and she can be reached at

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  • I studied Bulldozer,Font end Loader,and Excavator in a training college 6 years ago now and was a 6 month course.
    3 years ago my heart stopped and I needed to get a pacemaker installed
    While at school I had to refuel a Bulldozer and Excavator with diesel and not paying close enough attention wasted fuel over my work boots
    Just before school ended I felt off balance just walking so I seen a doctor who got me to see a Neurologist after A CT Scan and a MRI nothing showed to cause my Cerebellar(the part of my brain controlling things like vision and balance,basically all coordination)
    its even mentioned by the MAYO Clinic in the same family as MS
    would my exposure to diesel and its fumes cause my Ataxia? Its 2016 now and its getting worse I fell 4 times and broke a cofee table in half and on another occasion went through a wall! I now need a walker to walk at all.

  • I’ve been diagnosed with asthma, last year they put me on a school bus that had really bad smells. At first I thought it was a exhaust leak told my supervisor and wrote the bus up for repair. After 3 days I went to the school nurse then to urgent care. School jumped right on this and I got a letter from worksmans comp saying that this did not cause this. I asked to see the work orders on the bus and was denied. After reading what you wrote and the information above are they really sure because Iam am really sure it has. I ‘be been driving a school bus for 171/2 years and a few years ago I was out on night trips in the freezing cold and sitting on the bus with it running for hours. My breathing has gotten better with the help of Doctors but I have never been as sick as I have been since February 2014.
    I plan to print this article and forward it to the workmen comp people and so to our person in charge at the schools main office.

    • I just got done driving Today and I noticed the day before I got a bad headache and I was getting dizzy spells Thought I was just getting sick because there is a bug going around Then it happened again today So I took the truck into the shop and there was a bad leak do I need to be concerned because I don’t feel all that great

  • I work in environment that runs desiel inside that ,I could taste it,is went to see my doctor about the issue ,I am even apart of the health safety, I found its about production but not your life health. Please take you health serious ,I expossed but what the harm and long term effects?

  • hi im a owner of a 2009 vw tdi and driver. am i at any risk since i am inside the vehicle or am i still inhaling harmful effects?

    • I drive a 2012 VW TDI and I noticed the my nails have gotten dark. I already X everything out. I do not smoke, drink or do any kind of drugs. I wonder if anyone else out there might be experiencing something similar. I stopped driving my car and I feel like a different person. No headaches, dizziness, vomiting or tired!
      If you are experiencing somthing similar, it might be your car. I have 150, 000 miles on my car.
      Basilio Mendoza here is my email:

      • I have a 1995 Peugeot 205 1.8 Diesel that has no catalytic converters or DPF I do about 12-15,000 miles a year in it with no problems so no your car cannot affect you when your inside it unless you’ve got a very worn exhaust system

        • I have recently bought a vw Passat tdi it has been serviced regularly within it’s life, it has 175k I have noticed I get irritated eyes and my throat feels strange could It be the pollen filter??

  • ive been exposed to diesel fume for years now at my place of employee doesn’t care about my exposure to the fumes or that of my co workers.can I sue for damages later on should I get sick ?

    • Good luck with that. My husband died in the sleeper of his Peterbilt 379. Tested positive for carbon monoxide exposure. Medical examiner still refused to correct the death certificate because they delayed testing his blood.

  • I see more smoke coming out the back of buses are they going to change these to petrol? Surely there must be a way of cleaning fumes up its just another big hit against deisel car drivers ( about time we stood up together)

    • The reason buses use diesel is to reduce the risk of explosion in the event of a collision, which would lead to mass loss of life. It was after a particularly deadly crash in Kentucky in the 1980’s that they stopped using gasoline in buses.

      • No it isn’t Diesel engines are more torquey than their petrol counterparts so suit big busses also if you had a big double decker bus with a petrol engine it would probably do about 8 miles per gallon where as diesels probably do double that !!

  • I have working as a petrol attended for two years now,the problem something smelling at my throat no matter how I try to brush my mouth every day it can’t go away ,especially in the morning something comes like small guava seed that smelling badly,is it petrol all what?

  • The weather has been quite cold here at night this past week, and each evening I light the diesel fireplace. While lighting it I blow on the kindler to facilitate the spark to cause the fuel to ignite. I have been taking in huge gulps of air to do so. This week I have had shortness of breath often. It got so severe that I went to the doctor since it was difficult to breathe with the least exertion. I was advised to try heating without the diesel to see if the problem would go away. Am I the only one to experience this problem, or is it just not public knowledge?

  • I am a 72 year old Diesel mechanic, often working in poorly ventilated garages. I am still working at the same trade, I do not have Copd or any related sympthoms and neither do any of those mechanics that I still know.
    Some have died of course ; heart failure, lukemia, diabetis, are the caused bt diesel fumes ????

  • This issue must be addressed NOW! Any truck driver or heavy equipment operator that has been doing these jobs for several years KNOWS about these issues. Volvo class 8 tractors (18 wheelers) are one of the most serious offenders. We have had dozens of these trucks repeatedly go back to the shop to repair exhaust leaks and excessive engine gas blow by. These leaks occur directly under the cabin fresh air intake, and is blown into the cab, causing the drivers to breathe the noxious fumes. Many other trucks have similar issues.

    It is common knowledge that most company managers will threaten drivers with termination if they complain about it or attempt to make a report. Company mechanics are much more sympathetic and have come up with a few viable repairs. BUT, not enough operators or truck drivers are voicing or reporting these problems. Drivers fear losing their jobs and livelihood. Drivers have even died while sleeping in their trucks due to carbon monoxide poisoning. There are lawyers that have successfully won lawsuits, and Courts that have awarded damages because it is a medically known fact that these poison fumes cause permanent harm and cause cancer.

    You can report issues to the U.S. D.O.T. but you know how that goes. And there are laws that can prevent your employer from terminating you for safety reasons (see “Surface Transportation Assistance Act).

    If you need proof, just go to any large truck stop and walk around where the trucks are fueling. Not only will you smell the diesel fuel, but you will smell something MUCH worse…the fumes from their leaky exhaust and blow-by engine gasses. And these guys are forced to live in these conditions for weeks at a time in most cases.

    • My brother in law has been driving over the road for years , over 20 . This last year his b.p. would not come down no matter what med they used for it . It’s getting worse they put him on a b.p. med that finally has it down somewhat , but now he’s tired all the time , they say he has sleep apnea now , the wall around his heart is thickening , and worse he is getting to the point where he’s to dizzy to do anything . Could this vertigo , dizziness and all be related to his work ?

    • I drove a 2016 peterbilt to deliver LP and often had headaches and did not feel the best from driving that truck. I always thought that it smelled like def fluid of some toxic odor in the cab. Had been to the shop a few times and the recirculating door was stuck open to start with and that had been fixed but did not seem to cure the problem. Eventually I ended up leaving that job for a better one where I do not have to drive daily…but i got to my new job and they have the same year truck and engine I’m leery about having to drive this one

    • Volvo D 13 above 1200 rpm cranks out blow-by fumes…. all years new to old ….. doesn’t matter age or mileage….. and their open hood design pulls into the cab air intake and sourounds the windows. Macks with same engine, same results

  • I,m new to oil delivery I was on top of aoil truck and my trainer told me to watch the top so I did not realizing how close Iwas to the fumes now I AM GETTING chest pains and feel very tired.I WAS BEING TRAINED. Not sure what I should do

  • I’m a heavy equipment operater at port been working there 17 yrs with daily heavy exposure from trucks ,cranes ships ,trains. I’m now been having numerous health issues chronic fatigue, dizzy spells ,ear pressure ,balance issues eyes rolling sideways & up & down vertigo starting to fill brain fog constantly. Trying to get a brain scan. Can disel exhaust cause nerve & or brain damage

  • when ever I get close and smell diesel fumes my stomach goes into knots immediately and feel very nauseous, no one has to tell me it’s not good for anyone!!! just look it up for your self if you want to live a little longer, nice we still have a chose.

  • I have been operating a 2009 Frieghtliner package delivery truck for about a year now, before that was a 2009 Workhorse. They both put off so much fumes it would come into the cargo area and horribly into the cab with me. Especially this Freightliner I am currently using, Ive kept the cargo door shut and opened both cab doors but it’s like it’s kicking the exhaust right out of the vents into my face even with them closed, nothing helps the ventilation, I have to drive over and hour in and back from my route to the office and recently now having to suffer in the cold by leaving the doors open at 65mph down the highway to get some kind of tiny relief because it doesn’t help much at all. The company refuses to do anything of course, they don’t care that I’ve mentioned it can cause horrible long term problems or death. It seems to only do it every now and then, sometimes it’s every other day and others it will go a couple weeks and be fine.

    Especially sickening that when I get into my car to go home all I can smell and taste is diesel, then get home where I have a little child and my wife complains I reek, I really don’t want them breathing it either. Even after I’m all cleaned up it’s like it’s trapped in my nose and it’s all I can smell and taste for dinner. Really afraid of dying. I already experience most of the side effects I’ve read. I told my wife if I do end up dying or something happens to me to make sure to go after the company and get an autopsy done to prove it was the fumes, and sue the hell out of them. I have it documented also with the company that this has been going on. Any suggestions?

    • I have been coughing up oil droplets and particles and other foul looking stuff in my phlegm, for several months. Retired now, but I worked with solvents in poorly ventilated conditions, diesel exhaust in a truckstop, when I fueled up the tanks, leaded solder repairing radiators, and 3 years ago, worked close to a diesel winch, on a busy road, with the manholes being worked on . Concrete dust and car exhaust all swirling around. I would recommend wearing a respirator half mask, when you’re in your cab. It’s your body, is there any law against wearing protective gear? It would send a signal to your managers about how dangerous you feel it is, to be breathing diesel exhaust. If all the concerned truck drivers did this, it would send a huge signal to the industry to clean up the cabs of trucks and stop poisoning drivers!! the problem

        • I have been a truck tech fir 24 years. I cough all the time. I was injured at work and got no comp for 2 months but my cough went away. Now I am working and coughing again. Solution is to find a new career.

  • I rent in a building in Alaska where these military guys keep there trucks runs 24/7- I’ve noticed lately my eyes burn -and my muscles and joints are so stiff I’ve been unable to exercise in the house or at the gym.

    I’ve been on anti-biotics for the 2nd time this holiday season. If the office doesn’t make them turn off there trucks,can someone at least make them move it?

  • My brother puts diesel fuel on wood to light woodburner. His clothes reek of oil. These fumes are inside house. This over years. He is now acting very lethargic and quiet. I’m very concerned.

  • My husband was a tractor trailer driver for 30 years. He passed away August 2017 from brain cancer. I believe he got brain cancer from being exposed to the diesel fumes for all those years

  • Retired off the road,health reason.been in the hospital ER many times while on the road driving,blood pressure issue, lung issues, have 3 stints now.I complained about fumes in the cab.

  • I was just wondering how this affects kidneys. I was a mechanic for 25 years, working on buses in a very poorly ventilated shop and storage area, I have now been diagnosed with failing kidneys. Could this be caused by exhaust?

  • I have been an urban transit operator for more than 25 years, exposed daily to toxic fumes in the bus garage, so thick that the air was blue. Many older buses had diesel fume leaks inside causing headaches and nausea. The employer was often short of units so we often had to drive these buses for hours. Now I have chronic shortness of breath all the time. My doctor doesn’t acknowledge my condition or care. He just tells me off when I ask him to fill out necessary forms for disability tax credits. (I also experienced repetitive back trauma all those years)

  • Further to the foregoing….I also have ischemic heart disease, fibromyalgia, scoliosis and dorsal kyphosis…the later since early childhood.
    The doctor throws tantrums and makes comments like…I don’t see any problem when you walk out of my office. He ignored specialists reports and does minimal testing.

  • While driving from Portland,or down to Reno,nv, I had noticed a strong diesel odor filling my cab, shortly after taking to the road. After driving all day, after making my delivery in Reno, I went to a local Penske to have it checked out. They discovered that there was a leak in the fuel lines compression fitting that was dripping on the exhaust pipe. They gave it a temporary fix and told me to make sure that I had it fixed right away when I got back to Portland. About an hour and a half into my drive back, it started leaking again. I continued to drive back to Portland after laying over for the night. Over the course of drivin, I developed a lung congestion, with a bad cough and light headedness. Along with major sinus issues. My left ear also was stuffy feeling. I felt nauseated and weak and breathing became more labored than usual. Over the next few days I would get bouts of confusion, nausea and my legs from the hips down on both sides would go weak and down I’d go. I drove into my home terminal the following morning after this happened and my boss was concerned and called an ambulance. After being check out by the paramedics, I had all the symptoms of a stroke victim. In fact on the way the the emergency the paramedic called it in as “ I’m In route to your location and have a 46 year old male with a possible brain hemorrhage” when I got there, they had done extensive testing, only to find out that nothing was wrong. They wanted to keep me over night to explore my brain. But I said, hell no! And left. At that time I was unable to drive truck in my condition. Over the next few months I’d kept having these episodes of confusion, nausea and leg weakness. I needed a walker, but was to embarrassed to use one. When I felt myself getting weak, I would sit down where I was , sometimes in the middle of the walkway, sidewalk or isle. Sometimes I would occasionally have a cigarette with my morning cup of coffee, but that would wipe me out, and that’s long after the chest congestion went away, which lasted for around 3 weeks. I had under gone testing for MS, I had nerve conduction tests along with ekgs cardiographs. After all the testing that had been done the neurologist decided that I had psychological issues and that nothing was physically wrong with me. Every time I would bump my back against something, it would set me into the same episodes of confusion,nausea and leg weakness. Over a course of about 6 month it got to where I could function. At that point I went back to work. All this time, a I had never associated it with diesel inhalation. But now I know it was. This happened in September of 2013 and it took about a year and a half before I was free of episodes. I hope this helps others to understand what they are dealing with.

    • breathing fumes from idling Amtrak..I am now certain this has affected breathing..nose stuffy..itchy burning eyes ..dry mouth symptoms strange leg pains the 1.5 years care giving my sister. now has severe case of ParkinsonISM…this could be a culprit.she has been breathing this for 13 years. I am in total is Dr. ignorance and our nievty. now to detox…a bit late for my crippled sister it has become progressive.. I’m looking for answers and these posts seem to fit the puzzle.

      • During my teenage years my family lived across the street from the Wabash railway yards on the south side of Chicago.
        Since my early 50’s I experienced pain and a slowing of movement using my hands. In my late 50’s I mentioned to my Dr. that I had noticed a ‘cute’ wiggle in my index finger and was told not to pay attention to it as he had not noticed it during my visits. Also at this time I was put on blood pressure med’s due to rising blood pressure which was previously always low.
        After changing Dr’s in 2003, during my second visit, my ‘cute’ little wiggle made it’s appearance. My Dr. asked why I never mentioned this symptom to my former physician and I told her I did but he made me feel like I was a hypochondriac looking for sympathy. Answering questions concerning additional symptoms other than the wiggle in my finger I was told it could be one of two things…Familial tremor or Parkinson’s Disease, recommending a not to be put off visit to a Neurologist.
        Yes, you have early stage Parkinson Disease was the verdict and I was placed on medication. Now almost 16 years later I find my condition is escalating with balance and depression my most severe issues.
        Could the exposure to daily doses of diesel fumes many years ago contributed to the Parkinson diagnosis? I posed this theory to my neurologist, not that I ever heard of was his response; but I’ll look into it for you. Never received a response to my query. Has anyone else had this diagnosis or am I completely off base?

  • Ex husband died from carbon monoxide poisoning in 2014 while in his Volva truck. Of course they couldn’t find any leaks… Class action lawsuit may be needed.

  • 40yr driver,after my truck regen today (burn of emissions) my cab filled with smoke. I climbed out of cab immediately headache,light headed,nauseous,weak. Was ill all day from effects. My wife forced me go to doc as usual she’s always right. Doc said my oxygen level was low and wanted send me to hospital and only by ambulance. I refused and he gave me breathing treatment with oxygen to point he allowed me drive home in which he informed me I have a level of carbon monoxide in my system and further testing required. I am documenting everything from email sent to truck leasing company/and employer to doctor notes. I also had employer record incident on interior/exterior cameras by employer utilizes. I have purchased a carbon monoxide detector and will be monitoring readings going forward. Federal regs established require mfg to comply by eliminating many bad emissions from our atmosphere in a cmv and also autos. In autos it’s done with a catalytic converter and when converter is plugged car won’t run so change converter is required. This process is totally different in a cmv big truck. It’s a accomplished through a high tech filtration system that has a filter. Instead of changing the $5000 filter engineers thought it best to heat the system so hot to the point of literally burning the contaminates off the filter. Ok I’m not highly educated being a 40yr trucker but have enough sence to know anything that burns also goes into the same atmosphere your claiming to be protecting but in this case a high volume of these gasses passes through the cab 1st before ending up in atmosphere. I will continue documenting my truck emissions with my new carbon monoxide detector and if/when levels exceed acceptable volumes I agree with previous article of a class action suit being brought against all engine mfg/truck mfg to hold them accountable for the long term and potential fatal situation they place us truckers in attempting to comply with federal emissions regulations. Let’s see who’s up in smoke then!!!

  • 16 years ago I worked for transport company for 5 years driving a diesel forklift into the back of containers loading them the fumes would stay in container and would breath them in I have just been diagnosed with emphysematous is this the reason why and can I sue the transport company

  • The regeneration system was broken in my old diesel truck causing it to burn off frequently. The exhaust is behind & below the center of the cab. Heavy fumes would smoke out everyone at stop lights etc . Couldn’t help breathing in. Got side effects. Dizzy, nausea, light head etc. AC was broken for years. I breathed this in for 4-5 years. Complained several times. Finally got new leased truck & had a seizure at the wheel months later. Could this seizure have happened because of this & high stress at work?

  • I be exposure to diesel fuels in my apartment were I live my apartment is on top of a boiler room .Use diesel fuels for heating the building!

  • Hi, I live in Cobourg Ontario (and don’t care if I am published) Our Cobourg Public Works vehicle was in a very high populated area parking lot with its diesel engine (snow dozer?)running for at least 40-60 minutes. Pedestrians were shielding their faces from the extreme fumes it spewed out while it apparently “re-genned” Whatever that is? I was at a nearby Metro (same parking lot) for at least 40 minutes where I work and then in front of this diesel machine for another 20 minutes. I have respiratory problems as well as the many of the seniors who were parked close by it. This Public Works chief Ms. Laurie Wills has no blatent regard for public safety. She should have, and could have had this vehicle towed to an isolated area to “re-gen”, instead of putting the public at risk. How does 60 minutes of inhaling this diesel and all of its components affect us? Especially us seniors who already have conditions that these diesel fumes can affect? I personally have several health issues at stake not to mention the many seniors that were involved, with their serious health issues. How do I help others with this same situation? Is there not a law in Ontario where there is a 2 minute “idling” law, and should the Public Works not be held accountable for the same laws? Some help would be grateful from those working for Public Works and will be held in strict confidence.

  • I have a 2004 VW Transporter 1.9 TDI.

    It was absolutely fine when I first bought it, but now I’m really struggling with fumes in the cab. So far my garage has been unable to trace where they’re coming from.
    (It’s been in twice so far)

    Whenever I drive my van I get sore eyes, sore throat, nasty taste in mouth, wheeziness/coughing, headachy, spaced out, & feel generally unwell.

    All of which lasts for several days, even if I haven’t been in the van.

    I really do feel as though I’m being poisoned.

    I need my garage to suss out what’s wrong & sort it out… PRONTO… :-/

  • The drilling fluid the oil companies are using in drilling fluid id 74 to 80% diesel, some times it sooks the men’s skin can this be bad for the skin, time goes by?????

    Ive been employed with my comp over seen years .
    Daily IM THE ONLY one whom cleans our little office
    & air units filter .From heavey black soot, that builds up from the desial fuel, the trucks.
    So far I’ve haven’t had go see a dr. Thank God.
    Maybe I should
    As for the past two yrs. IVE SUFFERED ALOT OF BAD HEADACHES WHEN I WAKE UP.HOW bad is working at sixty years of age forty hrs a week can this be for me .

  • I was in a room testing frac trailers 12 to 16 hours a day I ended up on life support with necrotizing facitis strep a sepsis and candid dublinisis my Body filled with fluid I swell up so big with fluid it was seeping from my pours any way to prove that is from diesel fumes/exhaust employer has not paid a dime

  • My husband back Feb 2019 was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer he drove for MT select big truck company well his exhaust was messed up for 3 months out of Aug of 2018 till Dec 2018well in Feb 1 2019 he was diagnosed with brain tumor ive done my studies and i think his cancer came fro exhaust fumesbut his Dr won’t say that’s where it came from but it writtenonpaper where he had exhaust problems with histruch before he was diagnosed..

  • So I got into my 2016 chevy silverado to go to the store. After starting it the AC was on but something made my nose burn bad and eyes water. It hurt real bad then again when i left the store i started the truck and got a aweful smell but then the smell vanished and again my nostrils burned bad and eys watered i had to breathing peoblems what could it be?

  • My Grandson is 24 yrs old and he has been driving Trucks now for about 5 to 6 yrs, didn’t Smoke, drink nor do drugs, now he has heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes? His heart is only beating 10 to 15percent?. I know he drove a lot of Trucks that needed fixing and he loved driving across the road. Now we are praying for him every day? Someone please help me because only high BLOOD pressure runs in the family and before he started driving Trucks he had now of these problems.
    His Brother use to drive Trucks to, but he started have anxiety attacks and Needing a inhaler to breathe too. So he stopped driving Trucks, now he is doing great.

  • Over the last 15 months my experience with the D E F in diesel fuel has consistently becoming harder over the course of three days off it’s now taking all three days to get the feeling in my lips back I’m very concerned

  • I was messed up really bad bye a volvo/mack faulty regen system and my employer is going to get away with it I have numerous problems since I blacked out behind the wheel I’m sure I would not be here if it wasn’t for the engine timer and my window being down I pray a lawyer will help me before the statues of limitations is up my # 301 991 8718 ask for Teresa then ask about me her husband’s health I’m having you call her because I dont talk very well anymore.

  • Hi, I drove a diesel fueling truck for years!! Suck down fumes from filling construction equipment!! Now i can not breathe!! Never was warned of lung danger!! Do i have a law suit???

  • Hi, I drove a diesel fueling truck for years!! Suck down fumes from filling construction equipment!! Now i can not breathe!! Never was warned of lung danger!!

  • Yesterday driving my city bus towards end of shift I noticed a very bad exhaust smell in the bus, my
    eyes were burning started making me cough not alot but enough to irritate my lungs after getting home I noticed I was unusually tired. When I woke up the next morning I felt like again unusually tired burning eyes I could even walk straight. Is this a system of the exhaust system leaking.

  • Hi we really need help all the driver have been xpose too def are getting sick. Can you help us too find. Good lawyer I came down with all those system and had a s to stroke in my eyes been driving over 20yr did have any pblome untill the DEF came out.