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Castrol Tection Extra deals with viscosity issues

TORONTO, Ont. - Castrol Canada is launching Castrol Tection Extra to boost viscosity protection for heavy duty truck engines....

TORONTO, Ont. – Castrol Canada is launching Castrol Tection Extra to boost viscosity protection for heavy duty truck engines.

Engine oils have the potential to shear and lose viscosity, which can cause increased oil consumption, increased piston deposits and decreased wear protection. Heavy duty diesel engine manufacturers, in response to the growing concern of viscosity protection, have deemed it vital that heavy duty engine oils provide shear stability to ensure the engine is continuously protected.

“It is critical that HD engine oils are shear stable to ensure the engine is protected throughout the drain. That is why the Mack EON PP-03 specification for the latest engine technology includes a requirement to stay in grade after the 90 cycle shear test,” stated Greg Shank, staff engineer, lubricant, filtration & coolant technology, from Mack Trucks Inc.

Specifically designed for heavy duty equipment, Castrol Tection Extra has viscosity control for stay-in-grade performance that reduces oil consumption, minimizes wear and decreases deposits, which helps extend engine life, the company claims.

Castrol adds that its Tection Extra has superior dispersancy to manage high soot levels, powerful detergency to neutralize acids generated in the engine and a low ash chemistry that will not compromise performance in older engines.

Castrol Tection Extra meets CI-4 PLUS specifications, an extension of the API CI-4 category that did not meet a few key requirements in some Exhaust Gas Recirculated (EGR) engines. Castrol Tection Extra passed the Mack T-11 viscosity test and the revised version of the Kurt Orbahn shear stability bench test, which are necessary for API CI-4 Plus approval.

“Oils must be significantly more shear stable to pass the Kurt Orbahn test in API CI-4 Plus,” said Michael Lynskey, heavy duty engine oil product technology manager for Castrol Americas. Castrol Tection Extra is available in SAE 15W-40 grade where API CI-4 PLUS, CI-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF-4/SL is recommended for stay-in-grade requirements. It is approved for use in all major large diesel engines including Mack (EO-N Premium Plus 03, EO-N & EO-M+), Volvo, Cummins (20078, 20076, 20072 and 20071) Caterpillar (ECF-1) and Detroit Diesel.

In another product announcement, Castrol has come to market with GTX Diesel to meet the needs of smaller diesel engines.

The revitalization of diesel engines within the light truck markets means installers, dealers and buyers will see their engine oil needs change and BP Lubricants Americas has launched Castrol GTX Diesel to meet the new demands. It is engineered to protect the engine from piston deposits, oil thickening and valve train wear, while minimizing the formation of engine sludge through the use of anti-wear additives, anti-oxidants and detergents.

Castrol GTX Diesel 15W-40 is recommended for Cummins, Navistar, Ford (WSS-M2C171D), Volkswagon and Mercedes Benz 4-stroke diesel engines where API CI-4, CH-4, CG-4 is required. Castrol GTX Diesel 15W-40 is approved against the Mack EO-M and EO-M+ specifications and meets the performance requirements of the Cummins CES 20071, 72 and 76 specifications. Castrol GTX Diesel also meets the engine protection requirements of API SL, SJ and ILSAC GF-3 for API Certified Gasoline Engine Oils.

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