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Credit Card Abusers, Beware

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

We did a service call for a truck on the side of the 401, it needed a water pump. I was unable to get the parts until the next day.

I spoke to the owner of the truck in Montreal and he wanted the truck and trailer towed back to our shop and the trailer put behind a locked compound because it contained a load.

I drove the driver to a motel, the owner called and asked if I would be able to let another driver in after hours to pick up the trailer because it had to be delivered.

My husband and I came back up at around midnight and let the driver in to pick up the trailer.

We repaired the truck the next day, I phoned the owner of the truck and faxed the bill along with a credit card authorization form for him to sign and send back.

He phoned several times disputing the amount and finally returned the signed authorization form and I matched the signature on the form to the signature on the cab card.

I phoned my card holder services company, explained the situation and was told to call the owner’s card company ie. RBC, CIBC, etc. to verify the card is not stolen. I phoned the card owner’s bank and verified that it was not stolen and I was told I was “good to go.”

In December I received a call from my merchant services regarding this transaction being a fraudulent transaction, I had to send all my documentation to them to dispute it.

I faxed my telephone records showing his cell number, office number and fax number, a copy of his cab card, the credit card authorization form he signed, the work order signed by the driver, the tow bill, the credit card slip and an explanation on what happened.

I was told because I didn’t have a card present I’m basically out the fund and I have been fighting with them since.

Bottom line: trucking companies are either going to have to provide their drivers with cash should they require repairs outside their home base, because nobody will go out to do the repair. I’m still disputing my situation because $2,200 is a lot to lose because somebody feels they don’t want to pay.

Dana Kirkland

Kirkland’s Truck Repair

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