Trucking industry, rejoice! Finally it appears that one of its biggest issues, cargo crime, is going to be taken seriously by law enforcement. There’s a lot carriers and drivers can and should do to reduce the likelihood of losing a load, but without the support of law enforcement, it will be impossible to produce a meaningful crackdown. For too long, cargo crime was considered by law enforcement to be a ‘victimless’ crime – after all, the goods are insured, right? – and as such, scofflaw pilferers could target cargo with little chance of getting caught.

Crime Stoppers in York Region – one of the worst regions in the country for cargo crime – has announced cargo crime will be its promotional cause of the year. This means Crime Stoppers will raise awareness of the problem, in hopes of generating more tips from the public that will lead to arrests. “Cargo crime costs all of us and puts well-being of truck drivers and other transportation workers at risk,” said York Regional Police detective sergeant Paul Lasalle. “These crimes are everyone’s responsibility as they affect everything from jobs to the price of merchandise on the shelves and are used to fund many other types of crime, including violent crime.”

The Ontario Trucking Association has endorsed the program. “Criminals are drawn to cargo crime because it is low risk, high reward and there is a lack of attention paid to this issue. However, it’s anything but a victimless crime,” said CTA vice-president of trade and security, Jennifer Fox. “Thanks to efforts like this one from enforcement agencies like York Regional Police and Crime Stoppers, we can engage communities to help us put an end to cargo crime.”

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