Dhillon should practice what he preaches

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Dear Editor,

I was totally amazed at your article on racism in the trucking industry (TN – February 1999).

Rampal Dhillon went on to say that Sikh drivers do not spend as much time in truck stops or watching women dance as other drivers do in this industry.

I must say that is a very racist remark in the way it portrays all truck drivers.

Perhaps Mr. Dhillon should practice want he preaches about racism. I know hundreds of truck drivers who do not frequent the above-named places.

I also work for a large company that employs many immigrants as named in your list. I do not see many of the so-called white drivers or colored drivers who make as many mistakes as the Sikh drivers do.

I witnessed a Sikh driver the other day who could not back up his own truck. He had to get another Sikh driver to back the truck up for him.

I am not a racist, but I don’t get help to back up or slide wheels. Maybe Mr. Dhillon’s truck school should spend more time on the fundamentals of driving.

You can get trained for a truck license in Ontario for $500, which includes one drive in the truck and five hours in the class. I went to one of the best schools in New Brunswick and the course was eight weeks long, with half a day driving, half day in the class. And then I went with an experienced driver for another six weeks.

Richard Lawson

Oakville, Ont.

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