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Don’t Forget About King Pin Locks

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

Regarding your article ‘Fighting back against organized crime’ in the January 2009 issue of Truck News, we applaud the approach and comments made on cargo theft, but feel you overlooked a major tool in preventing cargo theft.

Your article seems to continue in the misconception the industry holds on king pin locks. They may have disappointed many, who as a result have lost faith they can work. The fact of the matter is that real protection exists, but not for $50 or $100 per unit. To our knowledge, we’ve totally eliminated cargo theft in companies that had frequent attempts and/or thefts in five of the top eight retailers in North America; all with a single conical king pin lock for under $500 that anyone can use.

The transportation industry largely splits its attention on a variety of different approaches that don’t seem to be working.

Oliver Dumoulin

Cargo theft prevention specialist Universal Boot

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