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Eating Healthy On The Road, It Is Possible!

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

Regarding the Truck Stop Question in the August Truck West on whether or not it’s possible to eat healthy on the road, yes you can!

I am a wife of a trucker -we live in the truck going coast-to-coast. The majority of rigs now on the road are, or can be, set up to be very friendly to living well.

I see what comes out of trucks and it scares me. To make meals in a truck is very easy. You cook at home, do it on the road with ease!

Here’s how: microwave, fridge, small barbecue. The stores make it very convenient. You can buy steamer bags for the microwave, veggies in the store are ready to cook steamed, you can do what your heart and waist need.

There are even omelet makers for the microwave. Cook your meat on the barbecue.

Fruit is also ready to take and eat. I also make wraps for lunch. Soft wrap, lettuce, meat of your liking, pickles roll it up and eat. This can be done while hubby is driving.

And the money you can save! I can make a meal for two for under $10. Just think, pork chops baby potatoes and broccoli all cooked and on the plate 15-20 minutes start to finish.

Sunday Montour Via e-mail

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